No more traditional "PR retainers"

How we charge for our services

Have you ever been in a meeting when you can't concentrate because all you can think about is "how much is this going to cost me?" Well let’s get this cost elephant on the table, so that you can enjoy the rest of our website.

Here are some important things that you should know about how we charge for the value we deliver.

Retainers belong to an age when PR companies thought that their clients should pay just for the privilege of being able to call them up to ask for help. 

  • We prefer to charge for the value we deliver, not the time it takes us
  • However, if you really want to be billed by the hour, we can do that too
  • Most of our clients prefer to use our credits system, which lets them budget for a regular monthly marketing spend and have a transparent view of the deliverables for which we have charged
  • Credits are a fair, transparent and simple way to manage your marketing spend
  • We provide a credits table to show how many credits we allocate to each activity
  • The number of credits we allocate to a service is a fixed price, regardless of how long it takes us
  • We provide a monthly credits statement, including your balance
  • You carry over your unused credits each month, or can top up your budget if you've overspent

Marketing return on investment

We're not a London agency, we don't have swanky offices or huge overheads. We believe that our marketing services offer great value for money, but as we do everything we can to measure marketing return, ultimately you will be the judge of that.

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