We’ve been working with Resonates for a few months now. The account management is great – always keeping me on track. They have taken the time to understand our services and how we want to portray our business, and we’re picking up momentum as time goes on. 

Sarah Croft, Marketing Manager, TrustID

In just a couple months of working with Resonates, we’ve been impressed with our Account Manager, she is very concise, understanding and knowledgeable.

Alan O’Donnell,  Country Director,  Easee

We approached Resonates with a vague brief of our requirements – vague, because I don’t think without their guidance, we would have achieved what we have. We knew that we wanted a new website and a refresh of the brand but the suggestions and guidance from the team at Resonates has resulted in us having all of that and more.  We now have a thought out, well prepared strategic plan for our marketing and our business. It also enabled us to be more forward thinking with our brand and focus on the direction of our business. 

Shortly after the website went live, we received such positive feedback from a variety of our stakeholders. We knew that we were committed and confident in our business but now our logo, brand and website do the talking for us. Resonates kept us on track and were able to produce everything so efficiently - even when we decided to tweak and change things last minute! The team at Resonates are so easy and flexible to work with.  

They may be an external marketing agency, but to us, they are part of Our Team. We feel that because they took the time to get to know us and have so much knowledge around the Energy industry, they genuinely understand everything about us. Resonates, you are just as much part of our business as our own employees. Thank you. 

Jamie MacDonald-Murray , Chairman, Lisarb Energy

Resonates takes our technical content and turns it into something meaningful for our clients. Their knowledge of the energy marketplace is comprehensive, they are really responsive and present us with live opportunities, which position us as industry experts.

Lydia Lindley, senior marketing executive, Origami

From the moment we engaged with Resonates we felt they understood our situation, where we wanted to go and what we wanted to achieve. They have provided us with an amazing service as well as invaluable insights, support and timely reminders to ensure we are meeting our own deadlines!  It is a genuine pleasure working with the team especially our Account Manager, Hannah. We are very excited about what we have coming up in the pipeline and how it will evolve and grow our brand.

Andy Best, Managing Director, change++

Marketing trailblazers, Resonates continue to lead the way with innovative and unique content that truly captures and engages an audience.

And, they’re an absolute pleasure to work with.

Bee Hindocha, EMEA Marketing Communications Director, 8x8

Working with the team at Resonates is an absolute pleasure. Having worked alongside Hannah in the past, I know how hard-working, passionate and dedicated she is on any project. Resonates shares these values, and it is a pleasure working with them.

Chris Dowdall, Creative Director, The Bakers Dozen

The Resonates team is insightful and easy to work with. They have an excellent knowledge of the markets in which we operate and are able to communicate complex points about our products and services clearly and concisely to our target audiences. They are flexible, responsive and able to turn projects around quickly and effectively, even when presented with short deadlines.

Kimberly Littlefield, regional communications manager, Enel X

Resonates supports us with proactive, creative and timely PR that achieves great results. Their deep knowledge of technology and the energy sector in particular ensures that we minimise our time spent briefing them.

Colin Calder, chief executive, PassivSystems

We’re really pleased with the results that Resonates have helped us achieve over the past couple of years. The awareness they have generated with a limited budget has been remarkable. Our resources are stretched so the ideas and support they provide us with is invaluable. Our community events received the highest attendance to date in 2018. Resonates has exceeded expectations and we are pleased to be working with them again this year to deliver more local events for our community.”

Chris Boulton, CEO of Greenham Trust and Greenham Business Park

Professional and easy to work with. Good understanding of our business, products and needs resulting in clear and effective communication.

Ros Bayliss, marketing manager, Codelocks

We launched a brand-new website and needed to maximise our visibility quickly. Resonates implemented a comprehensive SEO project that involved reviewing the technical performance of the site, competitive keyword research, and writing regular content. Within a few months Resonates took us from having zero web visibility to outranking our established competitor in this market.

Tim Harris, CEO, WND-UK

Often working to tight timescales and producing copy to support specific sales opportunities, the Resonates team never missed a deadline and always delivered copy of exceptionally high standards.

Mike Wheeler, EMEA Go-To-Market Director, Insight

An efficient, creative, local and very dependable service with an excellent understanding of our business and the type of clients and prospects we wish to communicate with.

Neil Buckingham, partner, Griffins Financial Solutions

We’ve just been through our marketing audit with Resonates. The audit is both revealing and enlightening, we feel we now have a solid plan to work with.

Kim Rose, European Sales Manager, EnaSolar

The Resonates team is skilled at producing technically accurate marketing collateral that reflects our positioning.

Alan Tringham, senior marketing communications manager, ARM

Resonates got us the results that we were looking for – quickly and efficiently. They have an excellent understanding of the key issues in our target markets, and they add value strategically and tactically.

Bruce Balmer, CEO, 2020 Power Generation

Resonates did a fantastic job again. We love working with them as they always deliver on their promises.

Edwin Koot, CEO, Solarplaza

Resonates finds the right words. We are very pleased with the way they have engaged with our brand values and verbal identity.

Anne Wilstead, head of communications, Sovereign Housing Group

Resonates were proactive to the point where they had usually done what I needed before I had asked for it.

Kerry Burns, general manager, Solarsense

Resonates has been fantastic in helping us introduce our solution and brand to reporters and journalists in what is a new market for us as a US-based company. They listened and worked closely with us to identify the right media outlets, craft our story and constantly come up with creative ideas to help us further promote our brand and build general awareness of our products. The quality of media coverage we received is a true testimony of the key role they played in our success.

Anne-Laure Leroyer, marketing director, Tollgrade.

We were very impressed with Resonates’ analysis of the research data. We now have something solid on which to base our future marketing activity.

Paul Kilbride, chief executive, Chesham Building Society

As a direct result of the Crockwell Farm seminar, we now have an extremely healthy sales pipeline with firm orders worth in excess of £5 million.

Ian Brent-Smith, director of Powersun

Resonates designed and executed a flawless campaign that met our objectives and delivered real business results.

Roger Foggitt, marketing manager, UPS Systems

Professional, efficient, very pleasant to deal with.

Zoe Seenan, festival manager, Newbury Spring Festival

Great experience, aligned approach and part of the team. Nothing other then excellent.

Peter Hart, European director, Austin Fraser

Resonates have been on the money. The quality of their work is excellent.

Sarah Heath, account manager, ediTRACK

Resonates bring an expert and flexible addition to our marketing resources when we need them most.

Doug Amos, business development manager, Synopsys

Effective, responsive, professional and highly personable.

Lisa Devery, administration manager, Cobal Sign Systems