How we work with our clients

What do you do?

We plan, write, manage and deliver marketing campaigns for our clients, and we also offer marketing research to help them make important decisions. The work we do varies a lot, depending on what our clients want to achieve. You can read more about our services here.

How do you do it?

We get to know you, your company and your position in your markets. Then together we find out what you want to achieve and figure out your promotional strategy and positioning. Finally, we refine your messages, identify the right tools and media to engage your audiences, schedule the marketing activity and bring your campaign to life.

Who do you do it for?

We help companies like yours:

  • We love working in the renewable energy sector, and marketing 'green' companies, brands and products
  • We particularly enjoy working with local companies, and businesses targeting local markets
  • We work with one-man bands, global businesses and everything in between
  • The sectors we have worked in include technology, energy, professional services, construction, finance, property, nonprofit and transportation

Can you help me to figure out what to say to my audiences?

Yes, and how to say it. We can also help you to figure out who those audiences are in the first place.

Do I have to know a lot about marketing if I want to work with you?

No. Because we understand the bigger picture, we can just as easily take a problem off your hands altogether as guide you through the planning and execution of your campaigns. We can talk you through your options at every stage.

What if I already know what I want?

That’s great. We just need to agree on a brief, and then you can leave the rest to us.

What briefing information do you need?

Your goals, target audiences, key messages, style, mood, tone, media… we can talk about all of this with you. If you need to communicate a lot of specialist knowledge, we can either take a verbal briefing or work from other sources. You will find that we are very resourceful and often take care of desk research ourselves. Having worked in a number of business and consumer markets, the chances are that we are familiar with your markets already.

Will this marketing work take up a lot of my time?

We can do as much or as little as you want, but to run a successful marketing campaign will require some of your time. Some of our clients trust us to do pretty much everything for them, and limit their own involvement to approving ideas and finished work. Other clients take a very hands-on approach and only want us for things like editing newsletters or sending out press releases. 

How much do your services cost?

See our pricing page for more information on how we charge for our services.

Why should I use you instead of your competitors?

We take a step back and consider the who, the what, and the why of your promotional objectives, strategy and communications mix before designing a campaign that addresses the how of customer engagement. Writing is part of what we do, and we excel at it, but that isn’t where our effectiveness ends. We understand marketing communications.

Some of our customers already have well-defined communications plans, but invariably they find it valuable to have an outside perspective on their markets, and reassuring to know that the people offering that insight are the same people that will bring their campaigns to life.

What if I don’t like your work? Do you offer any guarantees?

We want you to be completely satisfied with our work so if we can see that it doesn’t meet the brief, we will keep editing it until it does. Make sure the person who approves the brief is the same person who approves the finished work: if you signed off the brief yourself, it is unlikely that the content of the first draft will come as a surprise to you. Style, mood and tone are abstract concepts and are harder to pin down in the briefing process, so we are happy to modify these at no extra cost.

What if you don't offer the services I need?

Although our service offering covers an extensive range of promotional tools and media, we sometimes choose to work alongside other companies to make sure we deliver the results you need.

Do you have an environmental policy?

Yes. We are committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment. To achieve this, we:


  • Meet or exceed all relevant environmental legislation
  • Minimise office waste by keeping our operations as efficient as possible
  • Minimise toxic emissions by sharing car journeys wherever possible
  • Encourage our staff to recycle glass, paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminium
  • Source and promote products and services whose production and distribution have minimal impact on the environment

Where is your office?

In a charming Tudor building overlooking the high street in Newbury, West Berkshire, just 63 miles west of London. We like visitors. You should come and see us.

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