Entering awards is good for business

Writing winning award entries

Awards are probably one of the most overlooked weapons in your marketing arsenal. Winning an award not only celebrates your hard work and successes, but it boosts brand awareness and acts as a third-party endorsement of your business.

Winning a prestigious award can literally transform a business, but the reality is you don’t even need to win to reap the benefits. Simply being shortlisted can open doors.

Awards provide you with collateral to fuel PR efforts and content to drive social engagement and website traffic. Your sales team can use it as tool to win new contracts and break into new markets.

There are also residual benefits. The application process forces you to look at your business processes and data. Awards provide a benchmarking platform, giving you valuable insight into how your competitors are performing.

Finally, business awards not only boost staff moral by recognising the efforts of your employees, but they can also help you attract new talent.

Our approach to writing awards

Resonates can manage the entire award entry process for you, from start to finish.

If you’ve already got a strong indication of awards you would like to put your business forward for, great. If not, we will work closely with you to uncover potential awards. We will review your business activity, looking at the projects you have delivered. We know what it takes to win awards and will help you find the stories that highlight your strengths.

We will help you create a calendar of awards you are interested in attending, including entry deadline dates and costs of entry.

Resonates will then collate all of the necessary information needed to put a strong entry together. We will interview key members of staff and speak to your customers.

Once we have all of the necessary information, we will begin putting your award entry together. Our industry expert writers will craft precise copy that meets the criteria set out by the awarding body.

If you want the very best chance of winning, take a look at our award winning entry checklist or contact us to find out more.