The five Cs: our content promise

We promise that the copy we develop for you will comply with our ‘five Cs’. We will gladly edit any Resonates work that we can see has fallen short of our standards.


Communicate simply. We write in plain English, using active voice and plenty of verbs to make your content easy to read. We avoid jargon, euphemisms and ambiguity.


Keep your audience interested. We make every word count, and keep sentences short, relevant and easy to read.


Educate your audience; win them over. We use words, phrases and structures that make your content fluent, readable and easy to take in.


Our messaging workshop makes sure your content is logical, relevant and substantiated. This is particularly important online: search engines like consistent sets of keywords.


Make your audiences pay attention; make them respond in some way. Our content uses the language and messages that we identify as being appropriate for the people you want to engage.