PR and marketing in Berkshire

We love working with local companies, and businesses targeting local markets. This blog is about the PR and marketing work we've done on behalf of organisations in Newbury, Berkshire, and the surrounding area.


Email marketing

Sutton Winson, based in west London, has over 40 years of experience as an insurance broker and risk manager. It looks after the needs of corporate and private clients as well as administering the insurance side of employee benefit schemes for some of the UK’s leading blue-chip companies.

Excellent customer service plays a big part in Sutton Winson’s approach, so when the company’s marketing team looked for an email solution to automate its marketing campaigns, it had high expectations.

We demonstrated the flexibility Apsis Newsletter Pro – one of the email marketing solutions that we work with and offer to our clients. By creating a simple test email, we were able to show that the Apsis solution would meet all of Sutton Winson’s needs. We provided on-site training for the team and on-going support to get them up and running quickly.

Apsis allows Sutton Winson to create effective email campaigns without any in-depth knowledge of HTML. They can also personalise and filter emails to different audiences, which has enabled them to use the system to send out and track delivery of information to their business clients’ policyholders. With our help, they have become more productive and effective in how we use email marketing.

Website copy

SIMetrix develops advanced software simulation tools from its offices in Thatcham, Berkshire. Its customers include some of the biggest electronics companies in the world. Not surprisingly, it places a lot of emphasis on its website to engage its customers and win new business. While refreshing its website design, SIMetrix took the opportunity to completely revise the web copy. They wanted to use a professional copywriting service and have an outside view, but were concerned that they wouldn’t be able to find a copywriter who could understand what it was they did, let alone present that in clear and concise English optimised for web searches.

Elaine Lovell, SIMetrix’ director, said: “As EDA companies in the UK are very rare, finding someone who even remotely understood what we do here was always going to be a challenge and we thought impossible. When we met with Resonates, they took time to understand our products and our customers’ needs. Working with them was so easy. We gave them a brief, answered their questions and left them to it. Resonates turned what we thought would be a nightmare, into a very easy situation.”

Copywriting for brochures

Griffins Financial Solutions’ (GFS) team of Chartered financial planners have their headquarters in Newbury, just a five-minute walk from Resonates’ Berkshire HQ. To help them acquire new clients, they wanted a concise and compelling brochure that sets out what makes them different and explains how they can help people to better manage their finances. We took a couple of their existing brochures, picked out the key marketing messages and edited the copy for a completely new brochure, which addressed their target audiences’ pain.

Neil Buckingham, managing director, Griffins Financial Services said, “Resonates provide an excellent service. They have helped us grow and develop after taking the time to learn about the services we offer and the type of clients we aim to attract.


Email marketing

The Newbury Spring Festival is one of the UK’s most prestigious arts festivals. It hosts over 50 performances during May each year, across a wide range of genres, and aims to bring new and innovative work from around the world to performance venues in Newbury.

Zoe Seenan, festival manager, said: "It's great to have the online database and to be able to send out such good quality branded newsletters and ticket offers in a fraction of the time that conventional marketing would take - and at no cost!  I am certain that this new marketing activity will be a great benefit to the Festival, and I'd like to thank Resonates for helping us develop this invaluable marketing tool."


Primary research and SEO

Like many organisations, Codelocks - a Newbury-based company that designs and manufactures a range of push button door locks - has many different sectors that it sells into. We have started working on a market research questionnaire for them that will concentrate on gathering information from one particular sector and provide material that we can use to focus our PR programme.

We've also been working with MAXX Design to help Diametric boost its website's search engine optimisation (SEO). Industrial nameplate and logo specialist Diametric operates in an industry where competition for certain keywords is high. To help boost its SEO MAXX Design has performed tactical changes to increase the website's chances of being found, and identified a list of keywords for us to optimise around. Using an externally hosted blog, we have written a number of posts that are rich in these keywords to help increase Diametric's web presence. The blog is updated weekly, and is ranking highly in addition to the website.


Web copy

The English healthcare landscape is undergoing massive change, affecting all health and social care providers and commissioners. We have developed web copy for Newbury-based organisation Healthcare Landscape, which helps individuals and organisations in healthcare to make sense of this change, and to adapt to it as smoothly as possible.


Public relations

We helped ediTRACK, a software-as-a-service company based in Windsor, Berkshire, to create a new company website. We have helped ediTRACK to refine a set of messages for each of its target audiences, and are now implementing the PR and marketing plan we have devised to raise awareness of the company’s solutions.


The Newbury Weekly News occupies a unique position in the community of West Berkshire, where it has been the local newspaper for 143 years. Unlike many provincial newspapers, it is still family-owned, independent and successful. We find that our local paper is an essential part of the marketing communications mix for many of our local  clients. We worked closely with the NWN to deliver some compelling advertorial for one of our clients on a very tight schedule.


Market research

We planned, conducted and analysed research on behalf of specialist recruitment consultancy Austin Fraser, who are located in Reading, Berkshire. We found out how clients view Austin Fraser’s brand, and we used the research findings to inform a new visual identity for them.


Copywriting for PR

We worked alongside Cambridge-based ARM's PR company to write feature articles on ARM's technology, products and Android ecosystem.


PR planning

We have put together a creative plan to help our client Cobal, a signage company based in Newbury, to generate enquiries and raise awareness of its products and services.


Awards and market research

Oxford company CoreFiling asked us to plan and implement a short, sharp market research project to establish market attractiveness for a proposed 'software as a service' offering. We designed a questionnaire, conducted interviews, performed desk research, analysed our findings and hit our client’s tight deadline, completing the project in a matter of days.

We have also been working on awards entries. We wrote the latest in a series of submissions on behalf of eShare, a provider of governance software that is based in Newbury, Berkshire, and hope to boost its impressive list of accolades.



We worked with Sovereign Housing Group, headquartered in Newbury, Berkshire, on a major copywriting project. Sovereign is one of the largest social housing groups in the country, and its growth has been the catalyst for a major rebranding project that has brought all of its member associations together under a common brand. Sovereign wants its written communications to convey its brand identity in ways that are appropriate for each of its audiences, so as well as developing plain English copy for resident communications (website, brochures, email, direct mail and flyers), we have been writing in a more formal style for Sovereign’s business audiences. This month we interviewed most of the management team to produce copy that will support Sovereign’s brand messages in its annual report.


PR and advertising

We were briefed to implement a public relations campaign for Oxford-based Hytec, the infrastructure products and services business of OLM Group. As part of a new solution launch, we have been helping them to communicate with GPs and Primary Care Trusts, explaining the need to secure NHS information networks.

We have also been helping Jones Robinson, Newbury’s top independent estate agent, to devise an idea for an advertising campaign. We are working closely with MAXX Design to turn our creative ideas into words and pictures to engage local people who plan to sell their homes.



We helped our neighbours at MAXX Design to refresh their marketing messages for next year’s campaigns. We locked ourselves in a room with their top brass, asked them some questions, did some thinking and produced a matrix of messages for them to use on their website, in their mailers, sales presentations and press releases – everywhere, in fact.

And we’ve been helping Newbury Rugby Club to devise a pitch to get major sponsors for its young players’ rugby development programme. We’re proud of our local rugby club and support it by managing its email marketing and media relations campaigns.


Market research

We put the finishing touches to a market research survey for Griffins Financial Solutions, a leading firm of chartered financial planners in Newbury. After we had helped our client to figure out what information it needed to inform its marketing decisions, we designed the questionnaire and implemented the survey using our email survey software.

Public relations

We discovered a problem with our PR work: it’s just too darned good. Our Hungerford-based client UPS Systems, the UK’s largest independent supplier of standby power solutions, told us we had secured so much media coverage for one of their products that they were worried people would forget about all the other products they sell. So, now we’re helping them to promote those products as well.