How to profile your customers

Have you ever thought, ‘why do people buy from us?’ or worse, ‘why don’t people buy from us?’  When you work within a company it can sometimes be difficult to get an outside view, and you base your marketing messages on what you ‘think’ clients want. 

We recently worked with a business whose messaging was all around ‘cheap’ deals or best price. They were attracting the wrong type of prospect and couldn’t compete on price alone.  They wrongly thought that was what people wanted and although this approach attracted a lot of web traffic, they struggled to convert the leads into business.

We asked their existing clients why they chose to work with them and they were surprised to learn that their customers used them primarily for their excellent customer service and knowledge – in fact, pricing wasn’t much of a factor at all.

Our client’s existing messaging did not convey the level of service that appealed to their customers, or stress the benefits of working with an experienced, professional service.

So how can you find out what people really think about you and your business so that you can develop messaging that resonates and converts?

Inform your marketing

In short, select a sample of your ideal clients and talk to them. You need to ask them what they value about your products and services, and what problems you address for them. It’s vital to understand why they chose to work you, and which of your messages have the greatest appeal. If possible, explore their views on your competitors. A 10-15 minute phone interview can be invaluable in helping to inform your marketing.

Independent research

It is easier to achieve a more honest and transparent response from clients when the questions are conducted by an independent third party. It is also important to ensure the answers are unbiased and that you interpret the information properly.

We help you identify what your customers and prospects value and enable you to create a message that clearly communicates those benefits. You will more clearly differentiate your offering and be able to communicate the primary reason people should buy from you over your competitors.


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