Three reasons why it’s time to invest in marketing automation

Whilst marketing automation tools can’t do all the work for you, they can help to scale your successful efforts and reduce the admin burden on your sales and marketing team. Marketing automation tools allow you to nurture your prospects by providing them with personalised, relevant content that helps convert them into leads, and ultimately customers.

So how do you know if you’re ready to invest?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to the following, then choosing a marketing automation system could have a significant impact on your business:

1) You want to increase revenue

Research suggests that on average only 20% of leads are ready to purchase when they enter your sales funnel. For the remaining 80% you’ll need to engage lead nurturing tactics to keep them warm until they’re ready to buy from you. If done well, lead nurturing can result in 50% more sales leads at 33% lower cost per lead.

A marketing automation system allows you to send behavioural-based emails, as well as traditional mass e-shots. These behavioural-based emails contain tailored information, sent at specific points in an individual’s sales cycle. This approach keeps you ‘front of mind’ with your prospects, and enables them to make key decisions with accurate and relevant information, allowing you to close deals quicker.

Furthermore, marketing automation tools allow you to understand your return on investment throughout the sales cycle. These comprehensive reports mean you can do more of the activities that are working to optimise your marketing spend.

2) Your sales leads are going cold

The good news is that by using marketing automation you’ll be generating a steady flow of new marketing qualified leads (MQLs). The bad news is that your sales team may be overwhelmed with the number of new leads being passed to them, which could result in valuable leads being neglected and turning cold.

With your marketing strategy working well, it’s time to focus on engaging a marketing automation tool to maintain regular contact with your leads. Using triggers and workflows enables you to engage your leads at critical points in their buying process. The results of your efforts are then recorded through lead scoring, which is based on engagement, page tracking, and fit, amongst other criteria. Your sales team can access a league table of ‘hot’ leads so they can focus on the opportunities that are ready to close and convert those leads into sales.

3) You want to better align your sales and marketing teams

Sales and marketing should work together to strengthen your sales funnel and drive lead generation and ultimately sales. Ideally you should agree the messages that your marketing department is pushing in its content strategy, and the follow up conversations your sales team has with the leads. Everything should then be tracked across every touch point and marketing channel – not just emails and phone calls.

Without the appropriate tools this can be a labour intensive activity, involving duplication of information, or worse, when the information isn’t logged at all.

A marketing automation system allows you to learn more about your leads from the start. For example, with your website, a marketing automation tool can identify twice as many visitors and use behavioural-based tracking to enable you to understand what motivates every click. This allows your marketing department to see whether your messages are really resonating with your target audience and where improvements can be made.

By using the contact manager within the marketing automation platform, or integrating with your current CRM system, you can easily track opportunities from start to close giving everyone a detailed and comprehensive view of your sales pipeline in real time.

Need some help? 

With the right automated marketing system in place, you can nurture leads better, improve sales alignment across your business and retain and extend customer relationships.

If you’d like to know more about marketing automation, get in touch. One of our consultants will be happy to share our experiences and discuss your company’s requirements.

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