Learning how to fly in the real world

Hello I’m Robin.

I was given an amazing chance to have a weeks work experience at Resonates. The Downs School and the Education Business Partnership worked together to find an agency that would challenge me and give me a chance to see (in the real world outside of the classroom) what PR and marketing is like.


On my first day, I was so excited to get started and meet the Resonates team. I was interested to see how an agency works. It kicked off with a weekly meeting for the team, where they discuss what projects need to be completed, new ideas, as well upcoming projects and client meetings. I have never experienced a proper business meeting before and I found it interesting to see the types of projects a marketing agency works on.

After the mornings team meeting, I received an introduction to a useful marketing tool called SharpSpring. I was shown and taught to use some of its basic functionalities. This software allows companies to gather information on visitors to a website. The platform also allows you to send emails to customers based on their interests and even suggests when the best time is to send it to them! I had a go at running and updating reports that show how successful different marketing activity has been.


I was intrigued by a program the Resonates team were using called Streamtime. This software is very useful to them as it helps them to:

• Create to do lists
• Manage their workload
• Plan projects
• Get tasks complete by set deadlines

For the second half of the day I was given a list of tweets and Facebook posts that needed to be checked and posted on different social media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook. I was introduced to Hootsuite, which is a resourceful tool that helps manage various social media accounts simultaneously. This program allows you to schedule social media posts as well have an overview of them all. I was given the task of scheduling a few tweets that would be sent out over the next month.

I was also given the opportunity to write a list of tweets. This involved researching upcoming events and information followers might find interesting. This was completely new to me as I have never experienced writing social posts for a business before, so I found this a good experience.


My first task of the day was to begin research for a weekly newsletter [LINK: https://www.resonates.com/cleantech ] that would be going out at the end of the week. I needed to find interesting news articles based around cleantech as well as upcoming energy and renewable events which readers may be interested in.

I was then given the task to complete a monthly marketing report which involved looking at the analytics in SharpSpring and also analytics on social media channels. The data was then used to compile a final report which detailed the success of recent marketing campaigns.

My final task of the day was to build up a client’s Twitter follower base. I had to search for relevant organisations to the client and the find them on Twitter. It was good to hear that from this activity some of the organisations followed the client back!


When I arrived my social media posts I had written on Tuesday had been reviewed and were ready to be scheduled online. I felt confident in using Hootsuite with the skills I had learnt earlier in the week, and went straight to scheduling the posts with ease.

My second task for the day was to check the weekly cleantech newsletter for any spelling mistakes and ensure that the links worked.

In the afternoon, I oversaw the creating of web page content for a client. I was then shown how to resize images to fit web page templates and also how the information is uploaded onto the client’s website.


My final morning at Resonates and my final task of the week was to finalise this blog! I then looked for a relevant image, in the retro style they use to support their blogs. I spent time double checking my blog before it was sent for review and to be uploaded to the website. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my week at Resonates. The team is really friendly and good to work with. I have gained an understanding of different marketing platforms and the benefits they bring. I learnt some marketing skills that I will keep forever. Before arriving at Resonates I was unsure if marketing and PR was the right path for me, but this experience has certainly helped me realise what a great route it is to take. It was such a great experience learning to fly in the real world!