We don’t just talk the talk…

Which is why we were shortlisted for comms team of the year at Energy Live personality awards 2017.

Energy live personality awards

We’ve been working with cleantech companies since 2010, so it’s great to be recognised for our communication achievements in the energy and technology sectors.


Finding the best story

We have overcome audience indifference to ‘green’ value propositions by applying cleantech PR rule number 1: great first, green second. We take bold statements seriously, and insist that our clients can back up their claims.  First and foremost, we are technology marketing and PR specialists, and act as advisors to our clients, always pushing back with a ‘so what?’.  We get under the skin of our clients and ensure they are media ready. 


Achieving our goals

Our attitude to planning is underpinned by identifying approaches appropriate to each client, technology and target audience; innovative use of analytics tools to measure campaign success; use of tactics that fit our clients’ budgets and finally, our focus on achieving business results.

We work with many clients in the cleantech sector, and each has different objectives and challenges.  We have:

  • helped smart grid experts revitalise their news agenda
  • created a focused media campaigns for demand response companies reaching audiences of millions
  • shaped and communicate a point of difference for battery storage clients
  • raised the profiles of innovators in smart energy systems
  • carried out market research and developed messaging for new entrant utilities.


This is us doing what we say we do

For a small agency, we believe that our energy client roster is second to none. We have helped to significantly advance the awareness of the businesses we work with. Our team is made up of engineers, senior technology editors and those with a background in utilities and renewables.

If you would like to work with an award-winning team, get in touch.