Can PR help my business attract the attention of potential investors?

Securing investment is one of the most consistent and difficult challenges that all innovators face.  One of the most valuable uses of PR for early stage businesses is that it is a great platform for sharing your story. 


Once upon a time…

Many clients have very interesting but technical propositions, however communicating the emotive story behind your companies’ creation is far more compelling.  Ensuring your audience understands how your company is making a real difference is the first battle to be won.

DO: Put a face to the business – character, background and passion will play a big part in getting people to invest – remember people by people, ensure you have a figurehead to put forward to demonstrate your expertise.

DO NOT: Send out the same old press release that delves into the technical aspects of your product or service.


Be a thought leader

An expert with well-formed opinions on the relevant issues you are addressing, will add to the strength of your company brand. Innovative companies are often closely associated with the individuals who run them. In fact, many ARE the people who run them, so successful PR for investment-hungry businesses must look to build the profile of the leadership team, as well as increasing awareness of the company.

You could do this through commenting on news stories, securing interviews with key editors, or writing guest articles for relevant publications.  A good PR agency will have their finger on the pulse of key issues and will be able to write content and comments on your behalf. 

DO: Build your own ‘individual’ thought leadership profile.

DO NOT: Hide behind the company profile.


Don’t be shy!

If you manage to get published, then shout it from the rooftops.  Include an ‘in the news’ section on your website and share, share, share.   Press coverage on social media will not only increase the number of people who read your news, but it also increases brand visibility and reinforces the message that your company is being taken seriously.

Don’t forget to add press logos to your investor presentations, it is an effective way to further harness the value of your hard-earned PR coverage and it will improve your perceived integrity.

DO: Share with everyone you know, via every channel (and ask them to tell everyone they know, via every channel) you get the idea.

DO NOT: Print out a copy and pop it in your desk draw. (Well, you can if you have done the step above!)


The overarching goal of any PR campaign is to increase awareness of your brand, boost reputation, enhance credibility and enable discovery of your product or service.  Strong press coverage will invariably achieve these results, and that is beneficial to any company trying to secure investment or gain new clients.

It is not easy writing your story succinctly, especially if you are too close to it, have an overly technical approach, or both.  A good PR agency will help you shape your go-to-market message and tease out the salient points.  Try to work with an agency that has experience of your sector, it takes the pain out of briefing sessions.

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