Resonates most read blogs

Blogs have been around since the late 1980s early 1990s, however only first really became ‘a thing’ when journalist Justin Hall published a personal online diary. (There are others who also claim to have written the first blog, but it’s difficult to pinpoint who exactly has the ‘first’ claim to blog fame.)

Now almost every business in every sector has a blog on its website sharing thoughts, announcing news and giving advice.

So why do we indulge in reading blogs?

We are curious and like to improve ourselves. We like to know that we are not alone. We enjoy consuming educational, inspiring and humorous content. Here are a few of the Resonates teams’ guilty blog pleasures:

  • Hubspot
    Hubspot claims to attract over 4.5 million readers to its blogs and we are also regular visitors. They frequently share insightful research and the latest trends in marketing as well as helpful ‘how to’ guides.
  • BusinessGreen
    We like to read BusinessGreen’s editors blog to keep up to date with the latest news and industry trends. We pride ourselves on knowing what’s going on in the cleantech space and this blog is just one of our many daily fixes to keep fuelled up on energy related developments.
  • Wylie Communications
    This blog from Anne Wylie consists mostly of writing tips. She gives specific, practical, applicable advice and backs up what she is saying with evidence. We find her writing is as informative and engaging as you would expect from someone who writes about writing. It’s addictive reading for copy nerds!
  • Tech Crunch
    Tech Crunch focuses on the tech industry and reports on new tech startups and products, technology news and emerging trends. We like to read about business related to tech and the impact new innovations this sector has on our working lives.
  • MAF
    All of the Resonates team are into some form of fitness, from cycling to running and walking our doggies. The MAF Files provides podcasts, articles, exercise tips and nutritional content. Doctor Phil Maffetone offers a personalised health and fitness methodology that is safe, scientific and sustainable for walkers, runners, cyclists and elite athletes.
  • Hurrah for Gin
    Katie started this blog on a whim one night, probably under the influence of gin after a bad day! We like this one as it is very often, very relatable! A fun blog to help keep you sane.

Blogging is essential to maintaining an online presence, take a read of ‘The power of blogging’ to see how your blog can help to increase traffic to your site, generate leads and build authority in your industry.

People like to read good writing. Well-structured content can help you to communicate your key messages, share your stories with new audiences and really connect with people. If you want to create new blogs, social media posts or editorial content to amplify your brand, product or services, reading our eating the blog frog blog is a good place to start.

But if you simply don’t have the time, we can help you. Find out more about content marketing >>