The publications that Resonates works on with us are extremely effective
Robert Smith, senior manager, corporate marketing programs, Synopsys

Marketing research to inform re-branding

Marketing research, brand planning, reputation management through public relations

Positive feedback from building society members and ultimately successful merger with Skipton Building Society

The client 

There is a lot of love in the world for Chesham Building Society, whose members, surveys reveal, are remarkably enthusiastic about the personal touch and passion for service that they encounter at their three local branches.


Their needs 

“To make the most of our branch network and strong local reputation, we needed to reposition and communicate our brand and services to customers and prospects in our core local markets,” says Paul Kilbride, chief executive of Chesham Building Society. “To find the most profitable way to do this, we needed marketing research.”

What we did 

We devised several surveys to determine which value propositions would support Chesham Building Society’s strategy and attract customers and prospects to the branches. We researched the attitudes of building society members, employees and people in the area with mortgages. Also, focused desk research revealed what messages and media other successful regional building societies are using on- and offline.

On a more tactical level, we set out to inform the choice of tools and media for communicating the propositions in ways that are consistent with the Chesham Building Society brand. Working together with our partner MAXX Design, we have developed a newsletter that incorporates Chesham Building Society’s new messages. We are also delivering public relations services to help Chesham Building Society communicate more effectively with its local markets.

The results 

“We were very impressed with Resonates’ analysis of the research data. They presented the findings, summarised our position clearly and made some firm recommendations about our positioning, messages, and how to implement our strategy. We have started to make these changes and already our members are responding positively,” says Paul.

“It is a real advantage to have marketing communications developed by people who already understand our values and the needs of our customers so intimately. It means that the time we have to spend on campaign briefings is minimal. Thanks to Resonates, we have something solid on which to base our future marketing activity.”

“Resonates has shown how a professionally managed and creative public relations campaign achieves excellent results. As well as getting coverage for our stories, they have generated ideas that will enable us to sustain our PR output in interesting ways while supporting our brand messages.”

Our view 

Without information about your customers, it is difficult to know how to engage them. If you do have the right information, your investment in your products, communications, staff – everything – works harder for you. Marketing research is always a sensible investment.

From the outset we knew that for the research to be useful, we needed to be clear about the marketing decisions it would inform. We wanted our client to look at our recommendations and immediately know what action to take.