“We’re really pleased with the results that Resonates have helped us achieve over the past couple of years. The awareness they have generated with a limited budget has been remarkable. Our resources are stretched so the ideas and support they provide us with is invaluable. Our community events received the highest attendance to date in 2018. Resonates has exceeded expectations and we are pleased to be working with them again this year to deliver more local events for our community.” – Chris Boulton, CEO of Greenham Trust.

Project: Increase Greenham Trust’s brand awareness and help build relationships with the local community.

Services: Writing and pitching PR, media relations, creating content, social media strategy management.

Results: Informed the local community of the support Greenham Trust provides for good causes, establishing them as a trusted brand and backbone of the community.

The client 

Greenham Trust Ltd was founded in 1997 to purchase the former Greenham Common Airbase, and to create and manage the new 150-acre Greenham Business Park. The Trust’s principal objective is to use income from commercial property to provide charitable funding for the benefit of the local communities in West Berkshire and North Hampshire. Since its inception, Greenham Trust has supported over 1,000 local organisations, donating over £40 million in 21 years.

Their needs 

A majority of local community projects are funded by Greenham Trust and the organisation wants to spread awareness of this among the general public. To ensure that local charitable organisations are aware of the funding available to support projects, Greenham Trust want to engage and educate this audience too. It wants its local community success stories to be shared around the area to make the public aware of the projects that have been made possible as a result of Greenham Trust’s funding.

Additionally, Greenham Trust wants its community events better attended. It is keen to establish its events as popular annual occasions that the community look forward to attending each year.

What we did 

Resonates delivered a social and PR campaign to meet Greenham Trust’s objectives. A plan of activities was drawn up for both Greenham Trust and Greenham Business Park tailored to their specific needs.

First, we proposed new ideas and created communication plans for Greenham Trust’s Step Up 4 Good, Pitch to the Panel, 20th Anniversary and Newbury Christmas Sing-Along events, with the aim to see these events more widely attended.

We delivered press releases communicating the availability of grant funding offered by the Trust, Business Park developments, its upcoming community events and the launch of its very own book: The Common Good.

Opportunities to promote Greenham Trust’s extensive involvement in the success of new community projects were identified and implemented. This included helping Greenham Trust’s relationships with local media, the community and other charitable organisations.

Social profiles were reviewed, and we addressed issues to ensure a greater discovery of both the business park and the Trust’s brands. We actively focussed on making sure its social audience was relevant and consisted of local organisations, charities, community projects and businesses.

A #TrustGreenham campaign was also launched to encourage audiences who have benefitted from Greenham Trust’s funding to share their success stories and any updates on projects.

Finally, we applied analytics to all of Greenham Trust’s websites, including Greenham Business Park. Analytics had not been previously measured, so were particularly beneficial in highlighting successes.

The results 

Since Greenham Trust is a charity, the main challenge was maximising a minimal budget, so it was essential to focus on the activities that meet Greenham Trust’s immediate and specific needs.

Over the last two years, we have helped increase awareness of the Greenham Trust brand and its community events. Participation in the Step up 4 Good 10k and family fun runs has quadrupled since 2016. Over 800 runners and athletes attended in 2018. Due to the event being so popular, it has sought a larger location to host the next event.

We have supported Greenham Trust with the launch of its new all-inclusive event, the Newbury Christmas Sing-Along, and also assisted it in raising the profile of the charitable organisations it supports too. We publicised projects shortlisted for Greenham Trust’s free to attend Pitch to the Panel event. The event brings together charities, schools, business and the local community to recognise incredible achievements.

These successes highlight how much Greenham Trust events are valued within the local community which has helped increase its exposure amongst new audiences.

Greenham Trust has seen a 41% increase in visitors to its website and an upturn in grant funding applications. Since 1998 it has donated over £300,000 each year to a wide range of local charitable sectors including education; health, community events; heritage; sport; wildlife and the environment; emergency services and organisations supporting those who are disadvantaged. The Trust also supports local projects who are in need of major funding and has contributed 1.5 million towards West Berkshire Community Hospital and £570,000 to The Watermill Theatre.

By managing Greenham Trust’s social media, we have facilitated it reaching a milestone of over 1000 followers on Facebook – an indication of how engaged the community is with the Trust.