Resonates takes our technical content and turns it into something meaningful for our clients. Their knowledge of the energy marketplace is comprehensive, they are really responsive and present us with live opportunities, which position us as industry experts.
Lydia Lindley, senior marketing executive, Origami

Project: Educate CXO-level audience and communicate the benefits of a new, complex and sophisticated solution clearly and concisely.

Services: Value proposition and messaging, marketing planning, industry research, brand awareness, public relations, speaking opportunities content marketing and copywriting.

Results: Media engagement with national press and consistent presence in trade publications, positioning Origami as thought leaders in the energy technology space.

The client 

Origami is a leading technology platform provider to the energy market. Its highly secure, scalable and versatile software platform enables remote, real-time monitoring and intelligent control of large numbers and types of energy assets. Origami’s technology provides real-time information and decision support to enable market participants to respond quickly to opportunities in the energy market, increase their profitability and improve trading positions.

Their needs 

With a new sophisticated technology platform and a complex offering, Origami needed to educate the energy marketplace and raise awareness of the benefits of its technology platform with CXOs across the energy sector.

Origami wants to raise and maintain its profile as industry thought leaders with a solution that is helping the industry to navigate the energy transition.

What we did 

By embedding ourselves in Origami’s company culture we deliver content with messaging that supports its evolving objectives. We work with Origami’s in-house marketing team to identify potential stories while reviewing and adapting PR tactics to suit Origami’s news stream. Our press office services, including releasing news, pitching thought leadership articles and making spokespeople available for comment has achieved consistent coverage in key media titles.

The results 

Our proactive approach to public relations has helped Origami to build its brand by achieving consistent press coverage, increasing social shares and boosting the domain value of Origami’s website through backlinks from higher ranking websites.

We arranged media interviews with senior spokespeople, taking advantage of a news-jacking opportunity arising from the UK’s August 2019 blackouts. This resulted in coverage in a range of titles including Platts Power, PES Wind, Energy Manager, Energy Storage and The Energyst.

To boost coverage and complement Origami’s news stream, we created a series of topical thought-leadership articles, which we successfully placed in leading energy titles.