Hydrogen is today enjoying unprecedented momentum. The world should not miss this unique chance to make hydrogen an important part of our clean and secure energy future.
Dr Fatih Birol, IEA

Project: To build brand authority and increase share of voice in the hydrogen transport sector and to position BOC as the go-to hydrogen company for transport in the UK. 

Services: Media relations and creating content. 

Results: Positioned BOC as an expert in the development, delivery and operation of reliable and scalable hydrogen refuelling stations in the UK and raised awareness of hydrogen as a transport fuel.  

In the first six months, we delivered targeted coverage with a reach of 83.6m and helped increase social media activity for BOC and key staff members.  

We effectively raised awareness of hydrogen as a fuel within councils and developed BOC’s position as an industry leader and the go-to-company in this sector.  

BOC values our knowledge and experience in the low-carbon transport market which enables us to produce focused, high quality and timely content to meet the needs of its target audience and achieve its objectives. 

The client 

BOC is a member of the Linde Group, the leading global gases and engineering company. In the UK and Ireland, BOC works closely with councils and transport operators to install hydrogen refueling stations and help decarbonise public transport and local authority vehicles.  

Their needs 

The government’s ‘Road to Zero Strategy’ is driving the transition to zero emissions across all vehicle types for public and private modes of transport. Councils and municipalities have to take action to provide clean alternatives for public transport and for their fleet vehicles. Hydrogen offers significant opportunities to those looking to deliver zero emissions transport. 

BOC wanted to raise awareness of the potential that hydrogen as a transport fuel offers to councils. They also wanted to showcase their expertise in the development, construction and operations of the hydrogen refuelling stations required to support fleets of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. 

What we did 

We assessed the needs of BOC and used our low-carbon transport knowledge to quickly get up to speed with the hydrogen market. We identified target audiences, developed a key message matrix and prepared a campaign to raise awareness of the services and expertise it offers. Media-facing staff were given training to help prepare them to engage effectively with the media during the campaign. 

We introduced key BOC staff to a range of journalists at relevant publications and secured interviews and article opportunities. We worked closely with BOC and some of its close partners to develop a video and written case study to help promote its capabilities to target audiences.  

We produced a suite of feature articles to inform and engage council audiences. We prepared award entries to raise BOC’s profile and to highlight their expertise. We identified speaking opportunities at key events and engaged with journalists to set up interviews to share BOC’s messaging as widely as possible. 

We drafted statements, press releases and social posts to take advantage of BOC news and activities, developments in the market and their participation in events and awards. 

Our partnership has successfully raised the profile of BOC in the hydrogen space and shared news and knowledge around hydrogen with key audiences.