Resonates is very quick to respond. I can ask for a news article or press release at the last minute and know it will be ready to use, in engaging, crystal-clear plain English, when we need it – crucial in the fast-moving IT channel.
Dave Simpson, commercial director at Softcat

Social media and PR-led marketing to promote graduate recruitment programmes and raise its profile in the press.

Website SEO, email marketing, advertising copywriting, PR, social media support

“Our headcount has more than doubled over the last three years, and Resonates has played a key role in helping us to achieve that, through their supportive PR, advertising copy and email marketing. This financial year we achieved 30% revenue growth, which has been supported by on- going press coverage and social media reinforcement.”

The client 

How do you achieve multiple-award-winning “world class” customer satisfaction? To IT reseller Softcat, the answer is obvious. First you must take good care of the people who look after the customers: your employees. Softcat came 4th in its 2013 Best UK Workplaces category (under 500 employees), and in 2010 was named the Sunday Times Best Small Company to Work For. Softcat recruits all year round to support its burgeoning growth, and it targets the most talented UK graduates.

Their needs 

When we first started working with Softcat three years ago, it needed to get as many quality job applications as it could from the UK’s most promising university graduates, in order to support its growth with high quality resource. The company was getting some applications through its use of advertising and job boards, but not as many as it needed to support its growth. It needed to raise awareness of the outstanding career progression opportunities and perks that it could offer.

What we did 

Press and advertising

We write news stories for the Softcat news site, and regular press releases for third-party media. As part of the on-going recruitment campaign we also write the copy for Softcat ads and for recruitment partners’ email newsletters. And we devise, write and issue recruitment press releases to promote career opportunities at Softcat’s offices.


We manage Softcat’s search engine optimisation (SEO) in order to boost the performance of their website with search engines and increase site traffic, both from prospective clients and potential recruits. We research the most effective keyword phrases for each page, integrate them into the existing web copy, and update the meta-data.

Social media

We set up and started managing a Facebook page that offers career updates and advice to graduates. We also took over management of its two main twitter accounts - @Softcatlimited and @Softcatcareers, where we regularly tweet about its business success and career opportunities, and interact with employees, clients, other businesses, and job hunters.

The results 

Softcat’s website now attracts upwards of 14,000 visitors a month. In two years we have amassed significant followings for Softcat on Facebook and Twitter. Its wide-reaching online presence makes it easier for potential employees to find out about them. There are now many more career-focused pages on Facebook, and by interacting with others we have seen a marked increase in the number of people who see and respond to our content.

Is the recruitment campaign working? “Our headcount has more than doubled over the past few years, and Resonates has played an important role in helping us to achieve that,” says Shelley Ferrigno, Softcat’s HR and recruitment manager. “Our Facebook page is also a great place for our new recruits to get to know each other before they join.”

“We like to get our news out to the press as soon as we can, at the moment it actually happens,” says Dave Simpson, Softcat’s commercial director. “Resonates is very quick to respond. I can ask for a news article or press release at the last minute and know it will be ready to use, in engaging, crystal-clear plain English, when we need it – crucial in the fast-moving IT channel.”

He added, “We really needed to SEO our website, and Resonates has provided us with a fast, no-fuss service which has proven more cost-effective than the previous SEO company we used. We also turn to them if we need something on the website updating quickly and don’t have the time do it ourselves. They’re like an extension of our in-house marketing team, they’re very reactive, always there when we need them.”

Our view 

In the IT distribution market, it is hard for customers to differentiate between one reseller and the next, since they sell the same products. Softcat soars above its competitors by steadfastly adhering to one fundamental principle: employee satisfaction drives positive customer experience, which in turn drives business performance. We love working with Softcat. It’s a company bursting at the seams with energy and very focused on results – both from its employees and marketing.