Resonates' personal and professional multi-purpose support has been a great help to us once again.
Edwin Koot, CEO, Solarplaza

The client 

Our Netherlands-based client, Solarplaza, is on a mission to empower the solar industry across the world. It hosts a number of conferences to share knowledge, provide networking opportunities and give information to help enable the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry.

With the introduction of the feed-in tariffs (FiTs), solar PV quickly became a very lucrative market for the UK. It can help the government achieve its carbon reduction targets, create ‘green’ jobs, attract much needed investment for the economy, and earn people that install it on their roofs a guaranteed income for 25 years.

But legislative changes threw the market into a state of confusion that threatened to kill off growth and investment. Solarplaza’s second UK conference – “The Solar Future” – analysed the UK solar PV market following the first year after the introduction of the FiTs and considered the future market perspectives.

Their needs 

Following the success of its UK PV Conference the previous year, Solarplaza enlisted our services to help promote The Solar Future and secure delegate registrations.

In its first year, the UK PV Conference was one of only a handful of solar conferences. One year on, the competitive landscape is very different, and the market is now flooded with renewable energy and solar conferences. To help differentiate its conference, Solarplaza wanted us to help it create an impressive speaker line up as well as promote the conference to secure delegate registrations.

What we did 

We helped Solarplaza to secure a number of speakers including solar visionaries, leading experts and government representatives.

To promote the conference, we created a series of press releases. We issued these to the media and on social media networks every two weeks to build momentum behind the campaign. We also secured a number of feature articles that discussed the UK opportunity for solar PV to raise awareness of the issues the conference would cover. And we formed a number of media partnerships to encourage delegate registrations amongst their readers.

The results 

We secured eight high-profile speakers for The Solar Future: shadow energy minister, Huw Irranca-Davies, the Department of Energy and Climate Change, Ofgem, legal experts Clarke Willmott, Photon Energy, Oxford Sustainable Group, the National Farmers’ Union and Good Energy.

We formed partnerships with ten key publications that reached a combined circulation of 184,449 readers. And as part of the agreements, we secured nearly £15,000 worth of sponsorship, online and print advertising for free.

The press releases to raise awareness of the conference secured coverage in key installer publications, such as WireIn, Electrical Review, RCI, CIDSE Journal, and Electrical Times; and sector-specific publications such as Environment Times, Global Solar Technology, Renewable Energy Focus, Greenbang, and Solar. The feature articles we secured reached a combined circulation of 144,740 readers. Our final push campaign to encourage delegate registrations focused on the use of social media.

The conference was a great success. We helped attract over 130 delegates and the feedback from the attendees was really positive.

Edwin Koot, chief executive of Solarplaza, said, “Resonates did a fantastic job again. We love working with them as they always keep up with the promise. They helped us not only with a great marketing campaign, but also helped us arrange a great line-up of speakers. Their personal and professional multi-purpose support has been a great help to us once again.”

Our view 

The Solar Future provided valuable insight into the issues surrounding the FiTs and gave a clear view of what the UK market can expect in the coming months. We love working with Solarplaza. The whole team worked closely together to put on and amazing conference; and their enthusiasm for enabling the solar industry never falters.

Overall, we achieved some fantastic results, great coverage and helped Solarplaza achieve its business objectives.

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