The publications that Resonates works on with us are extremely effective
Robert Smith, senior manager, corporate marketing programs, Synopsys

Synopsys Insight - a high profile online customer publication


Measurable increase in perception of Synopsys as industry thought leader

The client 

Have you ever wondered how it is possible to pack so much electronic wizardry into, say, a mobile phone? How does each new generation of handsets manage to run applications so much faster than the previous generation, while lasting just as long between battery charges?

Chip design has come a long way: 15 years ago you might have found 10 million transistors on a chip, but today engineers are integrating billions of transistors on the latest silicon processes. Much of this progress is made possible by Synopsys. The California-based company has over a billion dollars in annual sales and is a global leader in electronic design automation (EDA) tools: it creates and sells the software that leading electronics manufacturers use to design chips. You can see the end-result of its ingenuity in most of the electronic devices in your home or your office, or anywhere else that you look.


Their needs 

Synopsys recognises the importance of building relationships. It wants its audiences to be reading about Synopsys regularly, so it needs to be persistent in reinforcing its thought leadership message by offering them insight and extensive technological knowhow.

Two of the key vehicles for achieving this are Synopsys Insight, an online global technology magazine aimed at designers and engineers, and Synopsys Journal, which is aimed at the senior management of semiconductor companies, and is available both in print and online.

“Valuable content is essential for building and maintaining relationships,” says Rajiv Maheshwary, senior director of customer marketing, Synopsys. “Our aim with Synopsys Journal is to position Synopsys as a thought leader by providing technology and business insight for executives.”

What we did 

We help Synopsys by writing and editing content for both Synopsys Insight and Synopsys Journal, and have also helped with some white papers and feature articles.

For Insight, we collaborate with Synopsys to compile an editorial calendar, and help to identify topics that readers will find useful or interesting and that reinforce Synopsys’ position as a technology leader. Then, once we have spoken to the relevant Synopsys employees, clients or partners and sourced briefing material from interviews, presentations and white papers, we begin to develop the content.

Many of the Synopsys Insight articles are technically deep. We aim to write content that engineers actually want to read. Typically they are receptive to case studies because they want to know what their peers are doing: they find technical information more interesting than marketing material.

We follow a similar process when working on Synopsys Journal. We work alongside Synopsys to interview industry thought leaders – such as chief technology officers and industry analysts – to make sure the information we source is relevant and useful for readers. We then use that content to develop articles that are suitable for publication. Articles in Synopsys Journal tend to look at market trends and practices in chip design, and intelligent ways to address consumers’ wants and needs – providing authoritative, well-informed content that will be useful to business managers.

The results 

“The publications that Resonates works on with us are extremely effective,” says Robert Smith, senior manager, corporate marketing programs, Synopsys. “Synopsys Insight is one of our most popular publications. It is an effective online marketing tool because the content covers products and technology from all across the company, providing a breadth of perspective that our readers truly enjoy. And with Synopsys Journal’s focus on critical business topics from the perspective of management, for management, we have a winning publication strategy that delivers outstanding results.”

In a recent reader survey, 70% of respondents felt that Synopsys Journal has increased the perception of Synopsys as an industry thought leader. The same number agreed that Synopsys Journal improves interaction with Synopsys, and 60% agreed that it helps them manage projects more effectively. 70% said that they share their copies with others.

Our view 

Synopsys has invested heavily in a database strategy that delivers results. Through well-managed direct marketing campaigns, a loyal readership for these publications continues to grow. Producing quality content is more important than ever in the battle to capture customer share of mind.