Five eco-friendly gift ideas

Posted on 30 Nov '20

We love all things sustainable here at Resonates, and with Christmas looming we asked the team to share their favourite eco-friendly gift ideas.

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All-Energy: The Path to Net Zero

Posted on 15 May '20

Thanks to All-Energy for organising a series of webinars over the dates that would have seen a large turn-out of industry professionals at the All-Energy 2020 conference. We checked in to the online plenary session titled ‘The Path to Net Zero’ and captured the key points to share with you.

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The dawn of the hydrogen economy

Posted on 02 Apr '20

Hydrogen is the most abundant gas in the universe. It is also an effective fuel that can be used to heat our homes, generate electricity and power our transport – and it can do all this without emitting gases that contribute to global heating or air pollution. 

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