Eating the ‘blog frog’

Posted on 25 Mar '19

Eating ‘the blog frog’ can become an issue but, introducing some simple strategies can help make that ‘blog frog’ just a bit more appetising. 

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How to write successful web copy

Posted on 10 Aug '15

Writing effective web copy is harder than you may think. Unlike traditional printed media, such as brochures, people tend to skim read online content, searching for words that appeal to them.

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PR copywriting tips

Posted on 17 Jul '15

Your PR agency is only as good as the content it writes. If you can’t get the right messages across in the right way, you might as well not invest in PR at all.

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The five Cs: our content promise

Posted on 17 Dec '14

We promise that the copy we develop for you will comply with our ‘five Cs’. We will gladly edit any Resonates work that we can see has fallen short of our standards.

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