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Cleantech Innovation

If you've got something to say about innovation in cleantech, then we'd love to have you join us at our next press briefing. You might be working in solar, wind, tidal, smart grid, energy storage or low carbon automotive...  as long as you have a great cleantech story to tell, the press would like to hear from you - whatever your expertise.

Presentation options

Unlike a conference or event where you might be invited to speak for free to a broad audience, we only invite editors, news reporters and analysts. This gives you the opportunity to generate valuable ‘earned media’ coverage. When you consider that ‘paid for media’, such as a double-page spread (DPS) in a trade magazine, may cost anything from £2,500 to £8,000, then our costs represent excellent value for money and generate far better results for your business.

Option 1: press briefing | £600

Option 2: press briefing, writing and distributing a press release to our cleantech list | £1,050

Our last event included speakers from: Tollgrade Communications, Seawater Greenhouse, Storelectric, and Kelda Showers.

Journalists from the following publications attended:

  • New Power
  • Energy Management
  • Professional Engineering
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Cleantech Investor

If you'd like more information about our next Cleantech Club press briefing, including the opportunities to present to the press, just fill out the form and we'll be in touch. Briefing slots are limited to 5-6 businesses, so don't delay!

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