In the digital age, your brand's content is more important than ever

Why do I need content marketing?

Content marketing feeds into everything we do as a marketing and PR agency. We’ve yet to work with a business of any size that doesn't require copy to support marketing - from a one-line slogan to a thought leadership white paper.

In the digital age your content is more important than ever, as it directly influences who reaches your website and how. Your content marketing enables you to control:

• Who you target
• Where you want to reach them
• What you want to tell them
• How they perceive you
• Whether or not they visit your website

It’s no longer enough to let old content stagnate on your website; developing a fresh stream of content and sharing it will drive prospects back to your website. A sustained content marketing strategy that takes into account your key messages will pay dividends.

How we create a content marketing strategy

Here are just a few of the types of content marketing campaigns we regularly deliver to long-standing customers:

• Email content marketing
• Website content marketing
• Blog content
• Social media content marketing
• Direct marketing
• Advertising content marketing
• Editorial content marketing

Inject some life and direction into your content marketing

If you’re reading this then there’s a chance that you’re interested in reviewing your content strategy. We’d love to discuss the aims of your content marketing with you and help to develop a calendar of content for a sustained campaign.

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