Email marketing - our approach will make sure you never run out of things to say

How email can help your marketing

Most businesses think of email marketing as a great way to build one-to-one relationships with people they already know, but many find that it helps to convert cold prospects as well. Either way, people you have targeted with a relevant email are far more receptive to sales calls. And you know exactly who to call first, because your email software tells you who clicks on each of your articles.

Our approach to email marketing

What's special about our email marketing services? We make people open your email and click through to your website so they can buy your products and services. We fine-tune everything to achieve that goal, from your messages and the types of articles we develop to your email design and the copy for your subject lines, ledes and landing pages.

Some people think of email marketing as a burden -- something they need to worry about every month; something they're not sure they can sustain in the long term. Put us in the driving seat and that anxiety goes away. We take care of everything: setting up, planning, management, writing, implementation and measurement.

Our approach will make sure you never run out of things to say. We give some of our clients extra value for money by adapting and repurposing PR content in email marketing activity. And everything we write complies with our five Cs quality control framework.

We work with a variety of different email software packages, and we can recommend one that suits your needs. If you want to take your email marketing to the next level, take a look at our marketing automation platform, SharpSpring [link]


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