Marketing tactics should work together to support a consistent set of messages

Why integrated marketing communications?

It’s rare these days for marketing campaigns to target a single audience. Typically businesses have to reach out to multiple markets and each one may require a different set of messages to engage them.

Different audiences may also require different tactics. Audiences respond better when messages are reinforced across multiple media, which is why it can be a mistake to look at tactics in isolation of each other. That’s when marketing campaigns become confusing and ineffective.

To strengthen your brand and generate real business results, the tactics should work together and support a consistent set of messages.

How we integrate marketing campaigns

We’re a marketing communications consultancy and creating integrated campaigns is something we do every day for our clients. But it’s not just about integrating different tactics together; it’s about understanding how to get the most out of every tactic.
We have the experience to know which tactics work well together, how to make the most of an opportunity and how to deliver more for our clients’ budgets. We will typically recommend a variety of tactics including public relations, social media, email marketing, seminars and paid media to extend the reach and increase the coordinated impact of the campaign.

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