Create a tighter link between marketing and sales with marketing automation

How marketing automation can help you

Marketing automation creates a tighter link between sales and marketing by helping to automate:

  • Email campaigns that nurture your leads based on their interests
  • Calculation of lead scores that help you to focus on your hottest prospects
  • Tracking of return on investment across all of your campaigns – both online and offline

By specifying a set of rules, you can set up an entire digital marketing campaign – which thanks to automated software – can then run itself without the need for time consuming human intervention.

Introducing SharpSpring

SharpSpring is a web-based marketing automation application offered via marketing agencies like us, which has costs benefits for you, as we are able to pass on the exceptionally good value for money that it provides.

SharpSpring enables you to generate leads by:

  • Identifying anonymous visitors to your site
  • Capturing information with forms, which match the look and feel of your website
  • Optimizing campaigns
  • Integrating with social media

SharpSpring enables you to drive sales by:

  • Allocating lead scoring to alert your sales team to hot leads
  • Setting up Email automation for nurturing
  • Tracking behaviour for lead insights, and notifying your sales team
  • Sending sales notifications
  • Target messages for one-on-one communication based on behaviour

Marketing analytics

SharpSpring has inbuilt analytics – so not only does it enable seamless automated marketing – it shows you exactly which of your campaigns are delivering a good return on investment (ROI).

SharpSpring allows you to measure ROI through:

  • Comprehensive analytics, which are much easier to use than Google Analytics
  • Exportable graphs and reports
  • Automatic calculation of your cost per lead for different marketing campaigns
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