You have to earn the right to appear in a third party publication

How public relations can help your marketing

You can use public relations (PR) to influence customers' and other stakeholders' opinion and behaviour, manage your organisation's reputation and earn understanding or support for what you do and sell. Third party newspapers, magazines, websites and radio stations are often far more credible to your customers than the media you pay for and control yourself – their endorsement can make a big difference.

PR acknowledges that being interesting is the cheapest way to get people to talk about you, but it is most effective when you coordinate it with your other promotional activities, using the best mix of media and techniques to reach your target audiences.

Our approach to public relations

You have to earn the right to appear in a third party publication. We help you do that by using our comprehensive PR database to identify the outlets that are most likely to be interested in your story, and crafting a pitch for a feature article, interview or news release to which an editor is more likely to respond. Once we have the editor's attention, we will ensure that the content we provide is well written, includes your key messages and is delivered on time and to the publications specification.

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