We're five times more likely to do business with prospects that find and contact us through our websites.

The power of SEO

Any business that ignores the power of optimising their website for search (search engine optimisation – SEO) is potentially ignoring a rich source of leads.

Besides the value of having a technically compliant website [link to SEO services page], businesses are recognising the value public relations skills as highly complementary to their SEO efforts.

Despite the relative complexity of SEO, in essence, Google’s guidance for organisations wishing to improve their website rankings is simple: “create a high quality website that users will want to use and share.”

PR skills complement SEO

We refer to public relations coverage as “earned” media for good reason – we have earned the right to appear in a third-party outlet because an editor has deemed the story we have written for a client to be worthy of publication to share with his or her audience.

Those same PR skills are the ones that we employ when helping you with a content strategy to bolster your website SEO – writing high-value, compelling content that focuses on the keywords that will get your site found.

Achieving coverage on a reputable news site can also result in a link back to your site, which, as well as boosting your profile, Google will reward by ranking your site above your competitors.

Public relations is known as an essential part of the marketing mix to build awareness of your brand. If that’s not a sufficient benefit for you, talk to us about the strategic use of PR tools and techniques to bolster your online presence and search-engine friendliness.

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