Social media relies on great content to be effective

How social media can help your marketing

Social media lets you reach audiences directly, as you would with email or direct mail, and at relatively little cost. So, if your audience uses social media, you may have viable alternatives to using third-party press, radio or TV, or at the very least something that complements that activity.

Social media isn't right for everyone. We wouldn't pretend it is. Like all other media, there's no point in using it unless your audiences are using it too. But don't assume they aren't. Twitter and Facebook are just the tip of the iceberg -- social media also includes blogs, forums, widgets, podcasts and social networks of all shapes and sizes. And Facebook is quickly becoming something that even B2B organisations would be unwise to dismiss as a frivolous distraction: it now has over 30m active users in the UK and has made significant moves into business territory.

Our approach to social media marketing

We're constantly testing new approaches to ensure we are always in a position to choose the best media for the job, whatever that job is. We don't treat social media as an add-on; we plan, manage and implement social media activity as an integrated part of your broader campaign.

Message first, media second; that's our maxim. Using social media still relies on good content to be effective. You can't engage audiences unless you have something to say, and someone dedicated to making sure you keep saying it.

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