Meet the Expert: Tanya Varfolomieieva, Account Manager

Account manager, Tanya, shares her passion for sustainability and mission-driven work, why she believes that behavioural change is essential to achieving Net Zero, and where she gets her insightful book recommendations. 

How has your PR and marketing journey grown?

My professional journey in marketing started six years ago when I joined a business analysis team. This showed me how diverse and exciting the world of marketing can be, and sparked an eagerness to explore the different aspects of marketing. 

 Years later, working with small digital marketing agencies allowed me to be a part of varied marketing campaigns and business operations. These invaluable experiences taught me the value of critical thinking and client communication. 

 Joining the Resonates team is an opportunity to enrich my digital marketing skills with PR knowledge, and I’m excited to learn from experienced industry professionals!

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

The most rewarding thing for me is working on interesting projects with mission-driven clients. At Resonates we help make a difference in their growth by using ethical and value-driven marketing that leads to a higher positive impact. 

What’s your favourite brand and why?

Beyond Meat is an amazing way to reduce meat consumption and shows that alternatives exist that are comparable to the original without the environmental cost. 

What content are you enjoying consuming right now?

I love inspirational content, high achievers’ success stories like Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu or Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett. Not only do you get into these people’s heads, its usually a good place to find interesting book recommendations. I also like mind, body and spirit books, for example, Ikigai: the Japanese secrets to a long and happy life, which I’m currently reading. 

The future workplace is evolving – what do you think businesses need to focus on in the next few months?

Over the past two years, working culture has shifted dramatically and has shown the importance of being able to work independently no matter where you are based. I believe this trend will continue as more companies transition to a hybrid or remote style of work. Putting systems in place and creating an environment of trust where people can take ownership and deliver results without being tied to a place or overcontrolled, will open a world of opportunities for companies and a happier workplace for employees. 

What are the major challenges to tackling Net Zero and how do you overcome them?

Globally, addressing the biggest pollutants to curb the effects of climate change is a priority. It can be hard for us as individuals to understand the role we play and how our everyday actions contribute to this global problem. I believe consumer education about the origin and the impact of food, clothes, travel and waste will make a behavioural change in society and help us move towards more sustainable choices.

What green products/services do you use/like/would recommend?

SheepIncis a carbon-negative clothing brand that produces long-lasting woollen clothes for all seasons 

In general, I’m a big advocate of a minimalistic lifestyle, buying local produce, recycling, and living with a no-waste mindset.  

If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?

I’d spend a day on an adventure with my friends, hiking, snowboarding, or driving a scooter on a beautiful mountain road.