What we do
We plan, manage and deliver PR and marketing campaigns for
business and consumer markets

There are no ‘silver bullets’ in marketing today

You have to be wherever your customers are, which means managing your reputation across different media.
Taking an integrated approach to PR and marketing enables us to deliver campaigns that add up to greater than the sum of their parts.

Our marketing services encompass planning and messaging, content marketing, copywriting, social media and email marketing.


Proven strategies for promoting your business

Good marketing starts with a great plan. Taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture will help you align your marketing investment with your business strategy.

Our planning process kicks off with a messaging audit. We’ll meet your key stakeholders and develop your messaging and marketing strategy. We then brainstorm creative ideas that support your strategy. Finally, we recommend the best mix of tactics and a schedule of activity that meets your budget.

Typically, a tactical plan will address relevant media including content, messaging updates to your website, PR, social channels as well as email campaigns and paid media, if appropriate.

As well as planning your campaign, we can implement it.

The sector expertise that Resonates provide is invaluable. Not only are the team exceptionally easy to work with, but they also provide the vision, knowledge and delivery of content that makes people engage. I’m very much looking forward to working with them on future projects.”

Chris Hedges ,  Head of Marketing, ThermoSphere

Content marketing

Great content begins with a clear message and clear thinking

Our guiding principle is to ensure our content delivers value to your audience. By devising and driving forward a content calendar, we deliver a pipeline of articles, blogs, case studies, white papers and social posts to support your PR and social campaigns.

We align content with your business objectives, and ensure we address each stage of the content funnel, from awareness to decision.

We pride ourselves on writing clear and concise copy using plain English. As well as writing new copy, we often repurpose legacy content to reach different audiences. By reusing content, we make your budget go further.

Marketing trailblazers, Resonates continues to lead the way with innovative and unique content that truly captures and engages an audience. And, they’re an absolute pleasure to work with.

Tricia Morris ,  Director of Content Marketing and Social Media, 8x8

Public relations

Building your reputation through earned media

PR enables you to influence public opinion, manage your reputation and earn understanding for what you do. Mentions, opinion pieces, feature articles – positive press coverage gives you a big tick in the credibility box.

Being interesting is the best way to get people to talk about you. Our job is to take what you have to say and identify what editors will find most interesting and to get those messages in front of them. We sell-in your story.

While press coverage is the obvious outcome of public relations, it can also include speaking engagements, analyst briefings, award entries and other services that will help to build your brand.

Resonates has been fantastic in helping us introduce our brand to journalists in what is a new market for us as a US-based company. They worked closely with us to identify the right media, craft our story and come up with creative ideas to promote our brand. The quality of media coverage we received is a testimony of the role they played in our success.

Anne-Laure Leroyer ,  Marketing Director, Tollgrade

Social media

Amplifying your message through owned media

Social channels amplify your content to reach a wider audience, enabling brand discovery. We’ll create and manage social media strategies as part of your integrated marketing campaigns.

We follow key players and use relevant hashtags to tap into larger audiences. Our focus is on quality of followers and engagement rather than numbers. The most successful use of social channels takes advantage of strong content and strategic thinking. Compelling content enables influencers’ messages to be read and passed on. That’s why social media has such huge potential, but only when executed strategically.

Use of social media as part of a long-term marketing effort. The guiding principle is to ensure that your content offers value.

Within a few months Resonates took us from having zero web visibility to outranking our established competitor in this market.

Tim Harris ,  CEO, WND-UK