A short, sharp look at your marketing, with targeted recommendations

How a marketing audit can help you

Many businesses fall into the trap of sticking to the same old marketing tactics year after year, but what works well one year might not be so successful the next. If you do the same thing, you should be prepared to get the same results.

As new competitors emerge, or you develop new products and services, you may see a need to freshen your marketing up. But where do you start?

Undertaking a marketing audit will enable you to find out exactly how well your current marketing is working for you - and how it could be improved.

Our approach to marketing audit

A marketing audit is a short, sharp look at your marketing, which results in a set of targeted recommendations to help you achieve your marketing aims.

We will:

  • Collect information from you about your marketing past and present
  • Analyse the information
  • Generate new ideas
  • Make some specific recommendations to improve your marketing future
  • Give you an outside view that will help you see the wood from the trees

A marketing audit provides a good platform for a full-on marketing plan, and it will kick start your strategic thinking, giving you some new tactics to consider. 

"We’ve just been through our marketing audit with Resonates. The audit is both revealing and enlightening, we feel we now have a solid plan to work with."  Kim Rose, European Sales Manager, EnaSolar

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