The Big List of Cleantech and Renewable Energy Events: 2024 Edition

Events provide a unique platform to showcase solutions and expertise, connect with a diverse audience, gain and share knowledge and drive action towards a common goal. They are also a fantastic tool for boosting your business’s profile in the press.  

From press communications around a conference to organising journalist interviews, we’ve worked with clients from across the cleantech sector to drive PR activity alongside their event campaigns.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of over 100+ renewable energy and cleantech events that should be on your radar in 2024 and we’ll be updating it throughout the year.

Explore our top events from each category and download the full list below.


Edie 24

20-21 March| London, UK  

Innovation Zero

30 April-1 May | London, UK 

Net Zero Week

6-12 July | UK  


International Energy Week  

27-29 February 2024 | London, UK 

All-Energy & Dcarbonise  

15-16 May | Glasgow, UK 

Global Energy Transition 2024 

25-27 June | New York, USA 


Hydrogen 2024 

9-10 April | Amsterdam, Netherlands  

World Hydrogen Summit  

13-15 May | Rotterdam, Netherlands  

Hydrogen Tech World 

26-27 June | Essen, Germany   


Solar Finance & Investment Europe 

31 Jan – 1 February | London, UK 

Solar & Storage Live UK 

29-30 April | Birmingham, UK 

UK Solar Summit  

4-5 June | London, UK 


Wind Europe  

20-22 March | Bilbao, Spain  

Offshore Wind Connections 

1-2 May | Hull, UK 

Global Offshore Wind (GOW) 

18-19 June | Manchester, UK 


Download the full list of 100+ renewable energy and cleantech events. 


In the meantime, if you need any support around events, from press communications for a conference to creating content for an exhibition or speech, get in contact with the renewable energy and cleantech communication experts in our team at [email protected].