Connecting Eclipse Power with industry media

Leading Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO) Eclipse Power has appointed Resonates to review its key messaging and create a tactical PR and marketing plan to meet its company objectives. 

 Eclipse Power helps large energy infrastructure developments connect to the electrical grid via the transmission and distribution networks in the simplest way possible. Unlike traditional Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), Eclipse Power is not confined to a geographical region and actively partners with its customers to guide them through the whole connection process, from design to street works through to asset adoption and maintenance. Also, unlike traditional DNOs, using Asset Value Contributions, Eclipse Power adopts, manages, and maintains new customers’ electricity networks, helping to reduce their overall capital costs. 

To highlight the benefits of its grid connection solution, Resonates will begin with a review of Eclipse Power’s key messaging. It will then create a tactical PR and marketing plan for promoting Eclipse Power’s simple connection solution to key audiences in the energy, construction, and Industrial and Commercial sectors. Resonates will identify target publications and feature opportunities, along with creating the PR collateral needed to effectively pique journalists’ interest while telling Eclipse Power’s story. Resonates will also work closely with Eclipse Power to lay the foundations for a thought leadership campaign. 

Resonates has been appointed due to its knowledge of the energy and utilities sectors, along with its 20-plus years of experience creating integrated marketing, PR, content and digital campaigns for cleantech innovators. Resonates’ proven track record comes from its ability to make communication strategies tailored to each of its client’s goals, values, and markets. 

Shelley Wilson, head of marketing at Eclipse Power said, “Working with Resonates will help to raise awareness of our unique offering with our customers and the industry, helping to cement Eclipse Power’s market position as the go-to IDNO. As an organisation powered by class-leading technical knowledge, we place a high value on our partners having similar leading expertise. Having seen their previous successes, engaging Resonates support was the right choice for us.” 

Chris Dace, Founder and Managing Director at Resonates, commented: “There are over 1,600 projects waiting to be connected to the electrical grid in the UK, and bottlenecks such as this are what the International Energy Agency (IEA) recently highlighted as threatening our transition to a net zero economy. This is why the work of Eclipse Power is so important, as it can help organisations quickly connect to the electrical grid. Now is the ideal time for Eclipse to increase its PR and marketing efforts, and we will work to build awareness of its solutions to show there’s an alternative to complex and slow grid connections. We’re confident that our experience in the energy and utilities sectors, combined with our understanding of Eclipse Power’s target customers, will give Eclipse messaging it can utilise across all marketing channels.” 

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