BonaCaeli: Clean air innovation launched in record time

Air-risk management solutions

With poor air quality linked to many health issues, scientists at BonaCaeli developed some innovative technology capable of analysing air quality, and eliminating 90% of airborne Covid in as little as 10 minutes to reduce viral load in a room by as much as 99.99% in less than an hour. The technology underlying its AirVSAFE unit was assessed as “game changing” by leading scientists at Innovate UK and was approved for funding – something that only one in 200 projects achieve.

Resonates impressed me with their planning, content authoring and adaptability. They clearly are able to help develop and tell the right story to markets.

Minoo Patel Director BonaCaeli

The brief

BonaCaeli needed a professional PR and marketing partner to launch its new solution. With limited marketing expertise to draw on in-house, BonaCaeli approached Resonates to create a launch platform for its range of air purifying products. One of the primary challenges was to ensure that key audiences developed an understanding of the technology and sanitising solutions, without riding on the coat tails of the Covid pandemic.


Resonates proposed an intensive media and content campaign supported by a dedicated web platform to run for three months. This was underpinned by initial kick-off activity that included messaging analysis, feature article opportunity research, preparing press lists and developing a rolling tactical plan with an editorial calendar.

Over the course of the three-month launch campaign Resonates delivered

  • Three blog posts
  • Three feature articles (Hospitality, Education and Future of Work)
  • Four case studies
  • Four advertorials
  • A solus email campaign for the education sector
  • A social media campaign across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram
  • Copy for web content, sales emails, brochures and cover letters.

The results

Coverage of the launch of BonaCaeli’s air purifying solutions appeared in Education Today, CLH, Prestige Events, Premier Hospitality, Restaurant Update, Eat.Drink.Sleep, Hotelier & Hospitality Design and Workout Magazine reaching over 160,000 readers in BonaCaeli’s key target audiences.

Minoo Patel, Director at BonaCaeli commented on the campaign, “Resonates impressed me with their very quick grasp of what we wanted to achieve, and the volume of output that they delivered in a remarkably short timeframe. We may have been a bit over ambitious in what we wanted to achieve from a standing start, but Resonates brought us back down to earth and delivered a launch platform and content that we are able to continue to use beyond the scope of our initial programme.”