Enel X: Increasing share of voice in energy transformation

Energy value creators

Enel X is the largest provider of demand response worldwide. With solutions for energy flexibility and electric mobility, it is leading the global energy transformation.

The brief

The energy sector is undergoing a period of rapid transformation and markets are increasingly volatile. Organisations are looking to reduce risk, improve sustainability and budgeting, and identify new sources of revenue from owned assets and through strategic energy management.

Enel X aims to improve understanding of its role in the UK energy market, raising its profile and promote its expertise in demand response, energy procurement strategies and electric vehicle infrastructure to a range of sectors.

We identified target audiences, developed key messages and prepared a ‘sprint’ campaign to raise awareness of the services and expertise it offers.

By taking a proactive approach, we supported Enel X in preparing reactions to key industry events. We drafted statements, including press releases, to take advantage of news-jacking opportunities such as the publication of capacity market auction results.

The Resonates team is insightful and easy to work with. They have an excellent knowledge of our markets and communicate complex points about our products and services clearly and concisely to our target audiences. They are flexible, responsive and turn projects around quickly and effectively, even when presented with short deadlines.

Kimberly Littlefield, regional communications manager, Enel X

Thought leadership in energy as a service

Since the launch of the Enel X brand, we have effectively communicated its expertise through leading energy publications by placing editorial. We have positioned them squarely as a thought leader in the energy as a service sector and raised awareness of the potential their service offers large energy users.

We have also effectively raised awareness within Enel X’s target audience around the suite of services it offers and the potential benefits those services bring, especially to major energy users. We secured high-profile speaking slots for Enel X at key industry events. We engaged with journalists to set up interviews at the events to share Enel X’s messaging as widely as possible.

We also work with Enel’s corporate communications team to ensure we align messages with the broader organisation and coordinate press release distribution.

Enel X values the knowledge and understanding we have within its target markets. This enables us to react quickly and produce high quality content to meet specific requirements. Our experience and flexibility are key features of this successful partnership.