Institute for Environmental Analytics: Amplifying complex technology to a broad audience

Modelling the renewable energy transition

The Institute for Environmental Analytics (IEA) is a leading centre for weather and climate insight and data analysis for the energy sector. Its advanced modelling tool, EnergyMetric, is a web-based application that makes it possible to model scenarios to make decisions about renewable energy production.

“Resonates were easy to work with, taking the time to deep-dive into what our EnergyMetric solution does, creating really relevant messaging and applying it laterally across different scenarios to find the best way to reach our target media.”

Andrew Groom, Business Development Director, IEA

The brief

The Institute for Environmental Analytics wanted to launch EnergyMetric, a new SaaS-based tool for modelling new solar and wind developments, as a standalone product. The institute approached Resonates to provide clear messaging, PR support to amplify those messages and create content to enhance its visibility and build momentum as thought leaders.

Content creation to enhance presence

Among the content that Resonates created for the IEA was a white paper to position EnergyMetric as an invaluable tool for investors, developers and government bodies to model the viability of renewable energy production plants. The paper was initially written to address the growing market for renewables in Africa, in such a way that the primary content could be detached from country and region specifics. This was repurposed into standalone articles that were placed within eight key renewable energy publications.

Out of Africa - content reaches a wider readership

The original white paper was developed and written in collaboration with IEA’s Head of Energy Applications, for African energy publication, ESI. Resonates’ content team then repurposed the content for several renewable energy publications with whom the PR team had secured interest. The highly technical white paper covered specific weather modelling scenarios and ran to over 5,000 words. It was downloaded over 150 times from the ESI website. Eight separate articles of between 700 and 1300 words were created and pitched to a wide range of publications, with coverage achieved or confirmed in: Connected Energy Solutions, Energy Engineering, Energy Industry Times, Energy Manager, Energy & Sustainability Solutions, Power Engineering International, Wind Energy Network and Windpower Monthly.

Andrew concludes, “With Resonates’ deep knowledge of renewables sector media, we were successful in gaining coverage for what is a very technical paper in a much wider array of journals than we thought possible. Resonates helped us structure and simplify our key messages into a coherent white paper that has been very well received across the industry.”