Safety first: getting the message out for Smart Component Technologies

The Client

Smart Component Technologies (SCT) is a specialist manufacturer of smart monitoring solutions for predictive and preventative maintenance in sectors where safety and performance are critical. The Cambridge-based company’s technology optimises the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) to provide smart sensor, data fusion and AI-based analytics solutions that reduce costs and protect lives by averting the risk of catastrophic failure.

Resonates understood what we wanted from the outset. They have sound technical knowledge and quickly grasped the safety value of SCT’s smart monitoring solution. They came up with new ideas to emphasise other aspects of what we do, which has been great. They really listen to what we want to achieve and understand the need for sensitivity in our market.

Nick Koiza CEO Smart Component Technologies

The brief

SCT operates in a niche and highly competitive market. The company wanted to differentiate its marketing activities from just variations on its sales presentation. It wanted to separate itself from its competitors by demonstrating the value of its solutions beyond technology to include the human, quality and cost-saving benefits of the solution, as well as raise the profile of SCT as a great place to work.

Profile raising through blogging and social media

A major part of our approach has been to get SCT’s message to a wider audience and create content that would appeal to a broad base in its target sectors. SCT was operating with a modest budget, so we developed and executed a tactical plan that incorporated:

  • a regular drumbeat of LinkedIn posts, combining SCT’s news and opinions with commentary on target industries and clients
  • bi-monthly thought-leading blog posts outlining how SCT’s solutions address key pain points for maintenance engineers and business leaders
  • a regular ‘Insights from the CEO’ LinkedIn article covering business challenges and sharing lessons learned.

Consistent growth in reach and engagement in six months

Resonates set about developing content that would cost-effectively build a following for SCT’s CEO on LinkedIn and communicate the company’s unique offer to businesses within its target sectors and potential channel partners around the world.

The combination of creative, lateral thinking has opened up new content avenues for SCT’s expertise. Content views have increased by 2000 impressions, with engagements rising from 2.2% to 6.1%, surpassing the industry average of 2-3.5%. The blog and ‘Insights from the CEO’ LinkedIn series have consistently performed well, achieving over a 17% engagement rate.

“Resonates have helped to secure SCT’s marketable identity and make sure we can get the word out subtly, without shouting about it. They understand our style and clearly articulate our values. The team has done a fantastic job positioning our technology to our target industries and channels.”

Vanessa Reed, Head of Operations and Finance, Smart Component Technologies