Softcat: Winning award entries strengthen business success

The client

Softcat is a leading IT infrastructure provider to corporate and public sector organisations. It provides customers with core IT platforms, encapsulating workplace, data centre, networking and security solutions. Through a comprehensive portfolio of hardware, software and IT services, Softcat enables its customers to address key business and IT challenges.

We have a good relationship with the team at Resonates, having worked with them for over six years. They always act promptly and dedicate resources to project work, ensuring a quick turnaround time. They go the extra mile in collecting and collating information – they’re really thorough, which boosts our chances of success. They ensure that everything is communicated clearly, that it’s supported by evidence and hits all the entry criteria. We were delighted to be shortlisted for, and win, so many awards this year. Thanks to Resonates’ ability to hone in on the most relevant information to tell engaging stories, our award entries were the best they could be.

Rory Watts, Marketing Manager, Softcat

The Brief

Softcat cares passionately about two things: outstanding employee satisfaction and world-class customer service. Its philosophy is that the former drives the latter. Softcat wanted to communicate its unique value proposition, celebrate achievements and raise brand awareness. Highlighting key working relationships and achievements was a way to demonstrate Softcat’s high levels of customer service, as well as to congratulate the team on a job well done, further motivating employees.

The ultimate objective of entering credible business and technology awards was to gain recognition for Softcat’s service delivery and reinforce its excellent reputation. Softcat called on Resonates to achieve this, as it had limited time and resources to allocate towards writing award entries.

What we did

For each award entry, we used our experience to identify what information was needed to meet the entry criteria, before creating an engaging narrative that effectively communicates Softcat’s successes.

We undertook a comprehensive audit to collect information, enabling us to pinpoint key achievements and uncover interesting stories. We interviewed key members of the Softcat team to tease out useful information that may have otherwise been overlooked, particularly statistics and other proof points. These interviews enabled us to identify and communicate the key success stories that we could use to create the award-entry narratives.

The logistics of entering awards can be time-consuming, so we made sure to manage the project from beginning to end, scheduling regular update calls and keeping track of deadlines.

Once the information was collated, we crafted engaging copy to create award entries that stand out from the crowd, whilst keeping entry rules and guidelines in mind. This included presenting some entries creatively, such as writing scripts for video entries, creating posters advertising a Softcat ‘film’, and writing the entry in the style of a magazine article. These unexpected formats worked alongside traditional written award entries.

Our award entries met Softcat’s objectives by communicating their key achievements succinctly while meeting the awards criteria and standing out from the rest.

The results

Our carefully-crafted award entries have helped Softcat achieve consistent award success, either winning or being shortlisted for various leading industry awards, including ‘Best Company to Work For’, ‘Reseller of the Year’, ‘Public Sector Team of the Year’, ‘The Learning Awards’ and ‘National Apprentice Awards.’

Softcat’s key successes were communicated effectively, resulting in the company being recognised within the industry at key events. The award wins raise awareness of its high levels of customer service, its expertise, and the hard work of its employees, enhancing Softcat’s reputation as industry leaders.