Tetronics: Repositioning waste recovery technology for net zero

The white heat behind a green revolution

Tetronics is a leading environmental technology company with over 60 years’ global experience delivering clean plasma technology for maximum resource recovery, the highest levels of hazardous material destruction, and decarbonisation of heat-intensive industrial processes – such as steel, glass and cement.

Tetronics’ 97 reference sites are helping its multi-national clients meet the net zero agenda and the company has a strong pipeline of future projects in: CO2 reduction; sustainable energy supply; alternative fuels; process electrification; energy and critical minerals security.

“From our very first meeting, we were reassured that Resonates understands what we do and where we are heading. There can’t be many PR firms with previous hands-on experience in such a specialist field as plasma, and who offer Resonates’ depth of media and commercial contacts. Not only that, but they also have an impressive knack of translating potentially geeky subjects into compelling content that flushes out target clients’ needs and generates quality business leads.”

Graeme Rumbol, Chief Executive, Tetronics

The initial brief

Although Tetronics has an impressive pedigree in plasma technology, encompassing 60 years and almost 100 worldwide reference sites, its communications tactics and resulting reputation were focussed on a narrow range of historical applications – primarily in hazardous waste management.

Resonates was appointed to leverage Tetronics’ more recent expansion into wider addressable markets that better reflect today’s net zero agenda: critical mineral recovery; decarbonisation of hard-to-abate, heat intensive ‘foundation’ industries; and highly efficient hydrogen production.

Compelling commentary on net zero challenges

After a messaging and re-positioning audit, Resonates developed an initial tactical plan that combined:

  • press releases on typical project milestones (from contract wins to trial results);
  • a regular drumbeat of LinkedIn and Twitter posts, combining Tetronics’ own news and opinions with commentary on target industries and clients;
  • a series of thought-leading hero articles outlining Tetronics’ solutions to key pain points for each agreed market.

Adapting to success

Within the first few months of the partnership with Tetronics it was becoming clear that Resonates’ initial tactics were improving the volume and quality of inbound business interest.

Issuing press releases and placing thought-leadership articles have secured regular and widespread coverage in priority cleantech and target sector press including Hydrogen Economist, Energy Digital, FuelCellsWorks, New Energy World, Electronics Today, Mining Digital, Gasworld, Glass Worldwide, Mobile News, Solarify.

Consistent press coverage, alongside regular social media activity, resulted in a demonstrable increase in the volume and relevance of online interest.  Tetronics’ LinkedIn page has seen 15 times growth in page views and 27 times increase in followers. These positive results highlighted the opportunity for a clearer response route, more compelling lead ‘magnets’ and online content that mirrored the wider sectors from which enquiries were now originating.

Resonates responded by proposing a parallel project to review Tetronics’ lead generation process, roll-out a range of website content updates, and deliver a social media booster campaign including focusing on the personal LinkedIn accounts of Tetronics’ key spokespeople.

In summary

“Over the last year we have come to view Resonates as a trusted communications partner, across multiple channels. In short … an instinctive extension of our own team.”

Graeme Rumbol, Chief Executive, Tetronics