ThermoSphere: Building media success for low-carbon, next-gen heating technologies

Changing the way we keep warm

Through electric heating, ThermoSphere is on a mission to transform the way homes are heated, facilitating comfortable, seamless and energy-efficient living spaces, while cutting environmental impact. 

The sector expertise that Resonates provide is invaluable. Not only are the team exceptionally easy to work with, but they also provide the vision, knowledge and delivery of content that makes people engage. I’m very much looking forward to working with them on future projects.

Chris Hedges Senior Marketer ThermoSphere

The brief

The decarbonisation of heating is a core component of the construction industry’s net-zero targets. However, there is significant confusion. ThermoSphere sought to survey industry professionals to better understand their attitudes and the challenges they faced around adopting low-carbon solutions.   

Armed with these insights, ThermoSphere wanted to communicate its findings to its target audiences and raise the profile of its energy-efficient, low-carbon electric heating.  

Laying the foundations for media success

Resonates proposed an intensive media and content campaign supported by a dedicated web platform to run for three months. This was underpinned by initial kick-off activity that included messaging analysis, feature article opportunity research, preparing press lists and developing a rolling tactical plan with an editorial calendar.

We produced a survey from scratch to analyse how industry professionals felt about net zero targets in construction and found and secured an optimum number of responses. The survey was used as a basis to produce a report, Working towards Net Zero: How decarbonising residential heating can help construction teams meet their net zero targets. 

We used the report to drive a three-month media campaign, generating topical content ideas that would appeal to ThermoSphere’s target audiences; installers, energy managers, housing associations, architects, developers, mechanical and electrical contractors and experts in the built environment. To ensure ThermoSphere was prepped for press, we wrote bios for its key spokespeople, built sector-specific media lists and crafted its PR boilerplate. We also conducted LinkedIn profile reviews, offering recommendations to ensure the profiles are optimised for thought leadership. 

Furthermore, amongst an uncertain and concerning climate of an energy crisis, we utilised the changing context to shape topical hooks that highlighted the benefits ThermoSphere’s energy-efficient electric heating can bring for households facing rising bills. 

Warming up ThermoSphere’s key audiences

In just 3 months, we’ve identified over 50 opportunities in national, trade and local press, and secured over 20 pieces of coverage, appearing from August 2022 to January 2023.  

Through earned coverage, we’ve presented ThermoSphere to an audience of over 250k. We’ve successfully engaged the media and ThermoSphere has been featured in publications targeting all of its primary audiences including PHAM news, The Recommended, Renewable Energy Installer, Construction National and the Government Procurement Sector Journal – highlighting its brand and expertise to its relevant audiences.  

Beyond campaign planning and delivery, ThermoSphere appreciates our ongoing marketing and social media support. “We really value Resonates as an additional resource. Their insight and expertise spark some great ideas and it’s always good to have an external and trusted perspective,” explains John Sheppard, Digital Marketing Executive at ThermoSphere.