Transform your copy

By eliminating three simple word endings…

What makes good copy?

Concise – use as few words as possible. And make them simple, not complex words. Two syllables are better than three. Short sentences and paragraphs where possible. Plain English please. Can you delete redundant words?

Cohesive – the writing flows, the sentences are connected. Every sentence adds something to the story. Avoid saying the same thing twice.

Does anyone care?

Yes, absolutely, today more than ever before. This should be a differentiator for us. There are a lot of bad copywriters and terrible copy out there. Businesses are spending more on content than ever before.

Four copywriting rules

1: If you don’t understand what you’re writing about, nobody else will. Don’t bluff your way through a piece of copy.

2: If it’s client work and there are key messages, then include them.

3: Avoid, wherever possible, these word endings: -ed, -ment, -ion.

4: That’s all there is to it.

Let’s practice


Once the battery is flat, however, it takes much longer to change because the ‘battery failure override procedure’ has to be implemented first.


Before you change a flat battery you have to implement the ‘battery failure override procedure’, which takes longer.

18 vs 23 words, a ~20% saving