Award-worthy marketing and PR campaigns to drive sales success

Some would argue that it can’t possibly be difficult to successfully market the beauty of a classic Jaguar XJS, especially one that’s been restored to its former glory and handles like a dream?

However, when you look in detail at the target audience profile, and take into consideration the competitive nature of the market – classic cars are key investment pieces right now and there are plenty of choices available – suddenly, it doesn’t look so easy.

We started working with classic car restorers, KWE to help them grow a younger audience, engage with potential customers and position the company as the ‘go to’ organisation for reengineering classic Jaguar cars.

We worked with them to really understand what drives their customers’ decision-making process; we then listened, shared and engaged their target market with compelling and informative content. We also focussed on the classic car market as a good investment opportunity, getting the client coverage in key publications, such as Entrepreneur and Investor and Investment Week.

Chris Knowles, managing director, said: “We’ve been working with Resonates for around 18-months now. During that time, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in quantity and quality of new leads, resulting in an equally dramatic increase in sales. We now have a much clearer view of which marketing spend works best for our business.

“All the staff at Resonates are highly competent and industrious – we are lucky to have found them and to have formed a very positive working relationship.”