How marketing and PR are key functions in securing investment in the renewables sector 

Growth in the renewable energy market is accelerating faster than ever worldwide. Forbes reports that from 2020 to 2021 global renewable energy consumption grew by a whopping 15% while Reuters predicts that 2023 will see an acceleration in the deployment of renewable energy generation around the world.

The renewable energy market is booming but that also means that competition for funding is fierce. To get noticed by investors, businesses need to develop and deliver a strategic marketing and PR strategy to cut through the noise and turn heads in the investment arena.

What do you do and why?

Business leaders usually know their company, product, or service inside out, but communicating it clearly in the language of potential investors can be more challenging.

You must deliver a clear, consistent, and meaningful message to key stakeholders, so take time to work with communication professionals. Together, you can create a value proposition that defines your product or service, identifies what value it is to people and explains why your business is the best organisation to deliver it. Once the messaging is clear, it can be used across all your communications to deliver a concise, coherent, and powerful message.

Generating awareness

You know you have a great product or service – the next step is to ensure that potential investors also know you have a great product or service.

A well-planned and managed PR and Marketing strategy that targets potential investors and key stakeholders is a powerful way to generate awareness. Social media channels certainly have a role to play in sharing your message, but they are becoming increasingly congested, and it can be difficult to get your voice heard. A strategy that includes well-written content placed in leading publications, interviews with leading journalists and analysts and commentary on topical issues, reports or breaking news will help build a buzz around your brand. It is also vital content for your social media channels.

Credibility, trust, and reputation

Investors notice and engage with companies that are credible and trustworthy. Regular concise content that is factual and engaging will build credibility and trust. Work with an agency that specialises in the renewables sector to really understand what investors want to hear. The agency can plan and draft content that aligns with investors’ interests and place it in key publications on your behalf.

Well-informed commentary and quality content will demonstrate expertise, position you as a thought leader and enhance your personal and business reputation. Used well, it can also help educate people about your USP and demonstrate your value proposition.

Confident delivery

Investors respond well to a confident spokesperson and well-managed business processes. Once messaging is complete, and the written content is under control it is worth undertaking media training to learn how to deliver effective, confident media interviews. A PR agency can recommend an experienced trainer in your sector and help set up a training session tailored to your specific requirements to help you to make the most of every media opportunity.

A business of any size that is confident and well-managed enough to behave like a listed company, even if it is not, is likely to be more attractive to the investor community. Publish and stick to a financial calendar, report company results and operational updates and set up and maintain a dedicated investor section on the website. Business milestones make good hooks for the media so are also a valuable tool for raising awareness and boosting reputation.

Get noticed

To rise above the crowd, cut through the increasingly noisy renewables sector and get noticed by potential investors takes more than a few social media posts. It requires clear messaging, a long-term, content rich PR and Marketing strategy, confident media engagement and well-publicised business milestones.

Over the past 20 years’ we have worked with start-ups, small, medium, and multinational companies in the renewables sector. Contact us to see how we can help you develop a powerful and effective PR and Marketing strategy to help you get noticed.