Resonates’ New Year’s Resolutions

I enjoy the start of a New Year because planning is part of my make up. After all a goal without a plan is just a wish, and preparation is the key to success.

The first week of the year I spend time thinking about my work and personal goals. I’m going to be giving most of my attention to client experience – exploring what really matters to our clients. I’m blocking out time each week to ensure I’m up to speed with latest communication and marketing techniques and tools, which will help us offer our clients great ideas, creative campaigns and deliver results.

My personal resolutions are always around health and wellbeing. This January I’m managing my fitness like I manage my work life – with a schedule. It’s a tried and tested successful method for work, so why not adopt it at home! Each Sunday I intend to book all fitness classes, and meal plan and prep for the whole week. Like Benjamin Franklin said, ‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.’

I was curious to find out how the team intend to improve themselves and the agency, so I asked some of our PR and marketing gurus to share where they will focus in 2024, here’s what they had to say:

Add creativity – let’s step it up

Sarah Netherclift, Head of Content
“I tend to see the same phrases and explanations appear across much of the cleantech content I read. As the market for cleantech matures, and most people buy in to the need for sustainable solutions, I’d like to apply more creative thinking around how we write about the benefits and practicalities of our clients’ amazing clean technology solutions. I want to bring the technology closer to everyday experiences – and that means thinking laterally, writing creatively and making our content more human.”

Strengthen relationships

Justin Heath, Corporate Affairs Specialist
“Just as many of us are wondering what to do with time-expired Christmas cake, mince pies and stilton, my 2024 resolutions are about staying fresh and not going stale.

“I’m both old and fortunate enough to have benefited from a wonderfully varied career: starting as a scientist (#EverythingIsBuiltOnGeology); evolving into environmental consultancy; and morphing into corporate communications – agency and client side. During that time I have met, collaborated with and learnt from experts in multiple communications fields, way beyond the sometimes narrow label of “PR.” These include, to name but a few: public/government affairs; investor relations; community relations; advertising agencies; branding consultants; website designers; crisis communications; emergency response; and even a certificate in kidnap and ransom management!

“In 2024 I plan to find time to pick up the phone (remember that?) and suggest a coffee, or stronger, with some of these friends and former colleagues… no more mince pies though! By refreshing that network and gathering insights on their latest trends, I hope I can help Resonates offer a truly blended solution to communicating our clients’ challenges and opportunities.”

Change behaviours

Chris Dace, Director
“According to the FT, “Climate records tumbled like dominoes during world’s hottest year”. This analysis reports on the most recent climate data, which shows that 2023’s global average temperatures reached almost 1.5C above pre-industrial levels, making it the hottest year on record. The combined effect of El Niño and greenhouse gases points to 2023 being another record-breaking year.

“Evidence-based articles like this give a bleak outlook on the planet’s prospects. And if that’s not bad enough, some of the comments, from FT readers, continue to deny that these temperature rises result from man-made greenhouse gases.

“So, my resolution is simply to stop reading comment sections on articles about climate. And to turn off the radio whenever a government minister is about to be interviewed on climate. Instead, I’ll use the extra time in my day to remember the innovations that our cleantech clients are bringing to market to accelerate the transition to clean energy.”

Embrace integrity & make a difference

Tanya Varfolomieieva, Account Manager

“For me, 2024 is all about values like integrity and making a real contribution, both personally and professionally.

“I want to stay true to myself, doing more of what lights me up and adds that extra sparkle to my life and the people around me. On the work front, I’m all in for upskilling and rocking clients’ projects — making sure they not only succeed but leave a lasting impression. And with our clients’ success, contribute to the bigger goal of solving climate change.”

Use PR budgets wisely

Susan Brownlow, PR Consultant
“Perhaps counterintuitively, my resolution is to make sure that our clients have a full appreciation what PR cannot do, as well as what it can do. As a media relations specialist with over three decades of experience, I instinctively know what journalists and their editors find compelling as news stories and what they need from us to bring that story to life. But we can’t always expect that level of knowledge from others. As agencies, our default position is always to assume that can-do approach – and while, of course, this is expected, potentially allowing clients to assume that anything is possible, can lead to disappointment. As an example, I’m sometimes tasked with getting coverage in the nationals when the story is not strong enough or necessarily of national interest. By ensuring that a client understands any potential limitations within which we have to work, it affords us an opportunity to propose alternative routes that will actually deliver real results – and of course, ensure that their PR budget is used wisely.”

Put on positive pants

Greg Miller, Content Writer
“2023 was one of the worst years for the climate on record, with many of Earth’s vital signs worse than any period in human history. It is likely 2024 will be the same if not worse.

Because of this, it is easy to feel despondent and useless. But, in 2024 I am resolving to look toward the positives and be hopeful. To change my perspective from pessimistic to optimistic and to learn more about the ways, from political to technological, of addressing climate change and breakdown. In this vein, I hope to take advantage of more opportunities for professional development and growth too.”

Set personal goals

Karen McManus, Senior Writer & Marketer
“This year, I’m going to try to write more of the articles on my personal to-do list. I really enjoy the projects I work on and the clients I work for, but it’s also satisfying to write for yourself and be able to create the exact article you want to write.

“Like many people, I’ll also be focusing on healthier eating. I made some good, sustainable changes last year and I’m aiming for more in 2024. I’d really like to try making my own sourdough bread, too.”


So, what’s in store for your 2024?