Choosing the right content partner – a checklist for cleantech businesses

A constant stream of high-quality content is the lynchpin of modern marketing. Content underpins your PR, social, email, paid and web campaigns.  

However, there’s more to producing content than simply hiring a competent copywriter. Our checklist highlights the questions you should ask your content partner.  

✅ Industry expertise 

Do they have a proven track record of producing content for your sector?  

Having a sound understanding of industry issues and technology is essential if you want efficient briefing calls and high-quality content.  

✅ Your messaging 

Can they help you establish your key messages? 

A solid messaging platform is key to ensuring that your content reinforces your industry position and competitive differentiation.  

✅ Marketing purpose 

Do they understand the job of the content? 

Content should be written with a marketing purpose in mind, whether it’s for awareness, education, to build trust or help close the sale.   

✅ Creative ideas 

Will they be a source of creative inspiration? 

Producing content to a regular schedule means always thinking of something new and your content partner should share that load. 

✅ Versatile formats 

Can they write everything from a tweet to a white paper? 

You will need different forms of content to satisfy all stages in the sales funnel. 

✅ Planned approach 

Will they work with you to create and update an editorial calendar? 

Planning ensures you produce content aligned with your campaigns and meet your deadlines. 

✅ Industry issues 

Can they write about the business of technology as well as the tech itself?  

Business and industry issues are more likely to provide a rich source of thought leadership ideas and content than technology alone. 

✅ Team depth 

Do they have a team of writers that can deliver content when you need it? 

Working with a team gives you cover for holidays, the ability to meet peaks in demand, faster turnaround and better-quality writing. 

✅ Budget aware 

Will they look after your budget? 

A willingness and ability to adapt and re-use content will ensure that your partner helps you to make the most of your marketing investment. 

✅ Right chemistry  

Do you have a good rapport? 

Having a solid working relationship based on trust and mutual respect will help you get the best from your agency partner. 

Confident advisors 

Are they consultants, acting in your best interests? 

A good content partner should have the confidence to push back on your use of jargon, or your urge to overcomplicate a news release (for example) by going into too much detail. Well-written, benefits-led copy that tells a story will achieve far more than writing that is so complicated it’s a struggle to get past the first paragraph. 

Readable writing 

Readability: do they get it? 

A good copywriter will do a lot of thinking before writing to make it easier for the reader to consume your content. They will think about the central message, a hook, a way to tie your story into a current news theme or a number of other tactics, including writing in plain English, to engage and inform. 

On-page keywords 

Do they have the expertise to optimise your copy for search? 

Digital content, whether a blog or web page copy, should reflect the keywords that your audience use without compromising readability.  

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